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The Department Of Architectural Engineering Cooperation With Al-Nahrain University In Architectural Engineering A Master’s Thesis Discussion Featured

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Assistant Professor Dr. Zainab Hussein Raouf in the Department of Architectural Engineering
participated On Thursday 26 October, 2023 in the discussion of the master’s thesis entitled
“The Urban Footprint of Baghdad” by the student (Asawir Abdel Rahman Abbas), The discussion
was held at Al-Nahrain University - Department of Architecture Engineering.
The thesis focused on the absence of the urban footprint concept and its impact on the urban
landscape, specifically the city of Baghdad. The thesis aimed to explore the relationship between
urban footprint and identity within their role in designing distinctive, non-copied cities.
The research concluded with the concept of the close connection between urban footprint and
identity in terms of the characteristics, landmarks, and physical and cultural infrastructure.
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