vision,mission and goals

The Vision:
To prepare graduates possessing all the required means and have objectives and goals for the development of the department in order to create an architectural environment with a distinctive visual qualities respecting values, heritage and the architectural regional identities. And also, to make learning a contentious process throughout the professional life.

The Mission :

The department aims to provide an inclusive environment allowing the student to identify and deal with means that are relevant to the profession; and to familiarize him/her with all relevant theoretical and practical advances using appropriate tools that could help in solving design problems and reach the distinguished levels of quality as it is the case in the international universities.

The Goals :

The highlighted goals for which the department was built:
Giving the priority for technical and practical aspects of architectural culture corresponding to the engineers' needs in study and practice.
Linking the theoretical aspects with the ones concerning the design and combining them into a field of practice and creation.
Providing a wide range of scientific materials in order to allow the students to access in specific specialties or scientific researches as well on the level of practice or specialized studies and bringing in the new vocabulary with which they are invented through the local and global developments.
Giving the students enough times at the drawing classes to enable him to rely on his abilities in giving decisions in an approach to equal the time of study with the time of practice.
Linking the architectural art with the nature of the country, culturally, historically, geographically and socially and refining the ability of the student to evaluate the architectural effects and its styles, terms, techniques and taming his/her intellectual solutions needed by the country and society.
Simulating the student to invest the Opportunities the University offers to enable him/her to identify the scientific culture and learn about the engineering and scientific specialties in other departments and expanding his/her mental and physical perceptions.

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