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The Department of Architecture Was founded in 1977 and since its early days its goal was to make the architecture as a practice, study and search to be a graduate character . Graduation Alumni is an example of what we want the Iraqi Architect to be .
 I was fortunate to be one of the founders of this department which have great reputation  throughout the world, and I am delighted by their achievements and by the good reputation they have .
 This department was not only a place to study, but also an important place for development and the department grew thrown  of its students and some of them became faculty members in our department.
 This is what makes us all proud of our department , looking forward  with background vision the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology will expand and  develop to be a distinctive Department because of it ways  from opportunities and areas to handle knowledge, the excitement, and the interest in  architecture. I will not be exaggerating to say that our students are prided by everything that our department offer to them like  handling dilemmas and design skill .
 The distinction achivements of the students and alumni of this department was not in the field of architecture alone, but also the students of the Department have received distinct awards at the Festival of sovereignty for the past three years and also an award from the Council of Ministers of Housing and Reconstruction of Arabs in the Arab League to one faculty member: Also the university activities relationship with the community has strengthened this year by organizing visits for some students in our Department  to institutions of public welfare, As for  sports, Students also obtained advanced degrees, as well as win the first award of the university glorious Koran readers by one of the first year students. Also in multiple art and architectural galleries, also the head of the department is proud of publishing the Iraqi architecture magazine by major effort by all department staff with the active participation of researchers and specialists.We are proud of our department, our students, professors, Graduation , and the university administration which entrusted our Department and encouraged us to prosperity and development. I invite everyone to join efforts to build our dear country as befits the name of Iraq and the bright future that awaits him

  Department of Architectural Engineering congratulates Dr. Ahmed Loay Ahmed for
  Dr. Suad Khalil Ibrahim received the second best poster presentation award for the papers
  The presidency of the Department of Architecture with scientific and
  The faculty members ,architect  and engineering staff listed below for granting  a letter of
  The department of architecture congratulates the students (Ali Nour Aladdin Aziz, Nour
   According to the schedule set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
   General meeting at the department of architecture was held with the presence of the
The President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Emad Hussain Marza Al Husseini Speech To
 The President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Emad Hussain Marza Al Husseini visited the
The Department of Architecture has organized On Monday, 2/9/2019 a scientific course entitled

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