delegates reports


M. Shahad Abdel Abbas Hamoudi

P.H.D. student Sarah Kubba

Participation of the Architectural Engineering Department in the Scientific Research Symposium in
Architecture and Planning at King Saud University.

Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Hamza

Assistant Prof. Dr. Shamael Muhammad Wajih

Assistant Prof. Dr. Zeinab Hussein Raouf

Participation of teachers from the Department of Architecture in the Third International Conference on
Mosque Architecture

Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Louay Ahmed

Lecturer Dr. Bashar Shamil Kazem

Two teachers participated in the activities of the International Architectural Excellence Award

Assistant Prof. Dr. Rawaa Fawzi Naoum

International Conference held by the International Union of Outdoor Space Architects

Assistant Lecturer Hadeel Muwafaq

Assistant Lecturer Amira Lafta

Assistant Lecturer Ghada Ghaleb

A workshop held in cooperation with the Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies and the House of
Wisdom / Department of Social Studies

Assistant Lecturer Bilal Samir Ali

Assistant Lecturer Aws Jawad Kazem

Dr. Ahmed Talib Hamid

Participation in the first annual conference of Iraqi architects

Siri Qasim Amin

Amira behind a gesture

Ghada Ghaleb Abdel Wahab

Hadeel Muwafaq Mahmoud

Participation in the Sixth Environmental Sciences Conference at the University of Babylon

Assistant Lecturer Amira Khalaf Lafta

Participation in the Second Scientific Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development

Assistant Lecturer Hadeel Muwafaq Mahmoud

The Eighth International Conference on Water and Environmental Resources held in Istanbul – Türkiye

Lecturer Dr. Khansa Ghazi Rasheed,

The second conference on architectural design, entitled:
"On current trend and design methodogles"

Assistant Prof. Dr. Names: Muhammad Hussein

Dr. Anwar Sobhi Ramadan

Hadeel Muwafaq Mahmoud

Aws Jawad Jaafar

Karbala University conference under the slogan “Tourism investment in Iraq and its development

Assistant Prof. Dr. Names: Muhammad Hussein

Lecturer Ghassan Jassim Mohammed

Attending a workshop on sustainable education
Sustainable education within a program
US -Iraq University Linkage Program (ULP) Grant
Under the auspices of IREX

Assistant Prof. Dr. Shehab Ahmed Khudair

Participation in the ABET course within the Small Grants Program (IREX)

Ghassan Jassim Mohammed

Hadeel Muwafaq Mahmoud

Jassim Mohammed Nimah

Participation in the Urban Planning Conference - University of Kufa “Urban Planning...Towards a positive
relationship between environmental systems and human well-being”

Dr. Sanaa Sateh Abbas

Participation in the Third Arab Housing Conference in Jordan

Hadeel Muwafaq Mahmoud

Participation in the “First Annual Scientific Conference” in Najaf Al-Ashraf, sponsored by the General
Secretariat of Shiite Shrines

Hadeel Muwafaq Mahmoud

Aws Jawad Jaafar

Participation in the first Irbid Engineering Conference in Amman/Jordan

Dr. Safaa Al-Din Hussein

The United Arab Emirates to review the engineering designs for the residential city project in Al-Rashid
Camp and the Karbala Banks City project to conduct research.

Dr. Wahda Shukr Mahmoud

Dr. Anwar Sobhi Ramadan

Dr. Soha Hassan Abdullah

Participation in the First Jordanian International Conference for Architecture and Design

Dr. Asmaa Muhammad Hussein Abdel Razzaq

Participation in the first engineering conference held by Cihan University in Erbil

Hadeel Muwafaq Mahmoud

Participation in the Fourth Jordan International Conference on Roads and Traffic

Dr. Sanaa Satih Abbas
Dr. Soha Hassan Abdullah

Participation in the training conference entitled (E-Learning - Challenges of the Present and Visions of
the Future) held in Jordan/Amman.

Dr. Miqdad Haider Al-Jawadi

Participation in the thirty-ninth World Housing Council conference held in Italy/Milan

Dr..Asmaa Niazi

Participation in the United Arab Emirates / Dubai to participate in the training course (program:
preparing and editing scientific papers for publication in advanced international scientific journals)

Lecturer Dr. Shamail Al-Dabbagh

Participation in the ARCHTHEO '12 Conference at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Dr. Suha Hassan Abdullah Al-Dahwi

1. Attended the International Conference on Digital Information Technology “Modern Trends in
Information Technology,” which was held in Amman - Jordan during the period (9-11) October / 2012
2. Participation in a training course entitled (Building digital organizations on the basis of scientific

Dr. Sanaa Satih Al-Haidari

Dr. Shukr Mahmoud unit

Dr. Anwar Sobhi Ramadan

Dr. Sahar Hilal

Dr. Rawa Fawzi Naoum

(Rapid Urban Growth and Opportunities for Sustainable Development) conference at the University of

Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Al Youssef

Dr. Abdullah Saadoun Salman

A dispatch to the American University of Beirut - Lebanon, for the purpose of meeting with the Dean of
the Faculty of Architecture at the American University of Beirut to discuss a draft of the revised
memorandum of understanding between our university and the American University.

Dr. Asmaa Niazi Tahir

Dr. Suad Khalil Ibrahim

The fourth annual training conference organized by Petra Conferences entitled:
“Ensuring quality and accreditation for Arab universities and the role of international classifications in
developing universities in the Arab world towards pioneering Arab universities.”

Dr. Sanaa Satih Al-Haidari

Dr. Wahda Shukr Mahmoud

Lecturer Ghassan Jassim

Dr. Mustafa Kamel

Dr. Adel Hamdan

Sending a delegation from the Architectural Department/University of Technology to the La Villette
Architectural School in Paris

Dr. Miqdad Haider Ahmed Al-Jawadi

38th World Housing Council Conference in Istanbul
 Dr. Imad Abdel Hamid Sattar  The focused basic course for project management operations held in Lebanon

Dr. Sanaa Sateh Abbas

Dr. Asmaa Niazi Tahir

The ninth international conference entitled “Future Prospects for Environmental Development in the
Arab World and Facing Challenges,” held in Sharm El-Sheikh

Dr. Abdullah Saadoun Salman

Visiting the Lebanese American University (Notre Dame) and the American University of Beirut, and
discussing establishing bilateral cooperation and training programs in various engineering fields.

Dr. Abdullah Saadoun Salman

The Advisory Board for the Center for Specialized Studies between the seminary and the university holds
its first regular meeting for the year 2011 in the Center’s Hall in Najaf.

Dr. Wahda Shukr Mahmoud

Dr. Safaa Al-Din Hussein Ali

Dr. Anwar Sobhi Ramadan

The First International Conference on Architecture, held at the Faculty of Engineering / Misr University
of Science and Technology / Arab Republic of Egypt
Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Louay Ahmed Al-Bajari A workshop sponsored by the British organization CARA and hosted by the American Columbia
University in Jordan
Dr. Miqdad Haider Ahmed Al-Jawadi The 37th World Housing Council Conference / Spain

Dr. Wahda Shukr Mahmoud

Dr. Safaa Al-Din Hussein Ali

Dr. Ali Mohsen Jaafar

Dr. Asma Muhammad Hussein

M.M. Uday Abbas Abboud

The First International Conference on Urban Planning / Dohuk / Iraq

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