the pioneer & founders of the Department


The Founding Factually staff of the department:

The department was founded in 1977 by the following faculty members :

  • Dr. RiyadhTappuni
  • Dr. Ali Al-Haideri
  • Dr. Thabit Kraydi Khelaf
  • Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Ali
  • Dr. Hussain Al-Qaraghulli
  • Dr. Salah Al-Radhi
  • Mr. Aso J. Jaff
  • Mr. Muataz Kemona
  • Mr. Tariq A. Al-Ani
  • Ms. Jalla Al-Mukhzomi (Assisting Lecturer)
  • Mrs. Zina Kafi Al-Mout (Assisting Lecturer)
  • Mrs. Raiqa Al-Loose (Assisting Lecturer)

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