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The Department of Architecture organizes a workshop at the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate

   17/2/ 2024  The Department of Architectural Engineering, represented by (Lecturer Dr. Yahya Adel Ibrahim), in the
Mansouriya Hall of the Iraqi Engineers Association on Saturday, 17/2/ 2024 at ten o’clock in the
morning, organized a workshop entitled “The Role of High-Performance Glass in Saving Energy and
Protecting the Environment” in cooperation with Professor Bahij Bahless and engineer Marwan Nabil.
The workshop aimed to introduce the benefits of using glass, the correct methods for choosing the
quality of glass, and the latest techniques in the field of building technology to support the principles of

Participation of the Architectural Engineering Department in the interior design workshop at Uruk Private University

The workshop aimed to clarify integration. Between acoustic design requirements and
other design requirements, the architectural field and interior design are closely linked to what achieves
the functional performance of the space. The workshop also addressed the definition of the most
prominent facilities that focus on good acoustic distribution of their architectural spaces and their
acoustic standards.

Participation of the Architectural Engineering Department in a training workshop

workshop entitled “Women Leaders,
Challenges and Achievements in the Political Field,” which was held by The Women’s Empowerment
Unit in cooperation with the Department of Registration and Student Affairs at the University of
Technology in cooperation with the Department of Communications Engineering, which was delivered
by the training advisor (Saad Hussein Ali), international lecturer and trainer in the field of preparing
international leaders and trainers. The workshop aimed to raise awareness of the prominent role of
women in political work in Iraq, as Women s participation has witnessed sustained development over
the years, which was reflected in women assuming many governmental and parliamentary positions.

Participation in the first conference on the automatic waste collection system in Iraq AWCS

   February 27/2024
conference was organized by the companies RAWAQIM ALKHALEEJ, (greenx), (Landlocked Co.) and
sponsored by (Bayti Real Estate) and (Brick House). The conference focused on presenting the
innovative automatic waste collection system (URD) and clarifying the details of its components,
advantages, and role in educating Iraqi society regarding waste separation and recycling. The
conference also reviewed the applications of the system in various sectors, projects, and
opportunities available in the Iraqi urban future to support contemporary trends in designing
environmentally friendly buildings and sustainable cities. 

Participation in a symposium held by the Women’s Unit in the University Presidency

   February 28/ 2024 The lecture was given by both (Dr. Alaa Al-Qaisi) and
the director of the Research and Studies Center at the Ministry of Sports and Youth (Dr. Hussein
Ibrahim Aday). The symposium aimed to clarify the psychological and physical effects of
extremism that lead to terrorism, as well as clarify ways to combat it to protect communities. 

The Department of Architecture organizes a workshop at the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate

 organized a workshop entitled “The Role of High-Performance
Glass in Saving Energy and Protecting the Environment” in cooperation with both (Mr. Bahij
Bahless) and (Engineer Marwan Nabil), and the workshop aimed to introduce the benefits of
using glass, the correct methods for choosing the quality of glass, and the latest techniques in
the field of building technology to support the principles of sustainability. 

Architectural Engineering Department Participation in the Scientific Research Symposium in Architecture and Planning at King Saud University

   15th—16 of January 2024 The Scientific Research Symposium in Architecture and Planning titled “Qualitative Research in Light of
the National Vision 2030,” which was held in the College of Architecture and Planning at King Saud
University on the 4th and 5th Rajab 1445 (Hijri Calendar), dated as the 15th—16 of January 2024.
The symposium presented peer-reviewed scientific research on several topics related to architecture
and planning

Introductory Seminar For Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation

   4th of December2023

The symposium focused on the Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation's activity in supporting the orphans of
our Iraqi society, as well as clarifying the objectives and mechanisms of the entire organization’s work
and the services it provides for the grace of God. 


“The Eye Of Architecture “Workshop

  29th of March 2023 


The  workshop was concluded by a tour in the headquarters of Makers – Iraq with  incentive rewards to five students from the Department of Architecture represented by a 50% discount for a month in the creativity  space.


scientific workshop entitled: Sustainable Building Design: Integrated Facade Systems

  30/3/2023  University of Brighton / College of Architecture, Technology and Engineering in the United Kingdom, has invited Dr. Yahya Adel Ibraheem, a member of our academic staff, to present at PGR Returning Graduates Seminar Series in participation with Dr. Poorang Piroozfar. The workshop was held online on 30/3/2023 entitled:
Sustainable Building Design Integrated Facade Systems
Dr. Yahya Ibraheem, presented the topic of his doctoral thesis in terms of the learning journey and the most important contributions to knowledge of the thesis, from which the researche won two eliter international awards. The workshop was attended by a group of researchers and PhD candidates at the University of Brighton. 

Introductory Symposium on Al Ayn Social Care Foundation Activities and Services

  18 of April/ 2023  Under the sponsorship of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Al-Ghabban within the direct supervision of the Head of the Department of Architecture , in cooperation with the Voluntary Committee and the Student Activities Committee, the department of  architectural engineering organized the induction Symposium on Al Ayn Social Care Foundation Activities and Services .
The symposium, held with the presence of faculty, staff and students on Tuesday, 18 of April, 2023 at Hall G1, which aims to provide health and social care services, especially for orphans, including housing, technical education, parenting and professional training to build and secure their future. 

Quality Assurance Lecture For Our Educational Institutions In Higher Education

  1st February/ 2023  Within the activities of the Department of Architectural engineering  and the continuous pursuit of the best quality of education, a panel discussion lecture delivered  by Prof. Dr. Haitham Jabbar Taha (international expert on the quality of education and academic accreditation) on Wednesday, 1st February, 2023, the lecture entitled (Quality  Assurance  For Our Educational Institutions In Higher Education) . The lecture discussed   the administrative and academic leadership of the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology in the presence of the head of the department, scientific and administrative assistants, in addition to the  heads of the architectural design branch  and Urban design  branch and a group of faculty members.

Bullying against women: inherited or acquired



The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology, in cooperation with the Women's Empowerment Unit, On Monday, December 5, 2022, hosted a workshop entitled "Bullying against Women: Inherited or Acquired".

The workshop discussed with defining the concept of bullying in general and with women in particular, the bullying Iraqi women are exposed to in some societal environments, whether this bullying is within the family or from society, and whether it is for financial reasons or by virtue of imposing control. Bullying was discussed in Iraqi legal legislations , the law for  bullying punishment , the role of the tribal society .The development of solutions to this phenomenon represented by raising awareness and educating were discussed  , as well as educating the victim of  her rights by  confronting family and societal bullying.

The workshop was attended by the scientific assistant, Dr. Mufid Ihsan Shawk, and the administrative assistant, Dr. Ahmed Talib Hameed, in addition to the female teaching staff and employees.

The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participating guests.


The Department Of Architecture Organizes An Intellectual Lecture On Activating The Positive Use Of Social Networking Sites

  15/12/ 2022 

Within the events and activities carried out by the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit in the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology for the academic year 2022-2023, an intellectual  lecture entitled “Activating the positive use of social networking sites” was organized.

The lecture was given by the lecturer, Nora Iyad Ghaib, an employee at our university.


 The lecture aims at acknowledging undergraduate  students of the new social media, as modern societies have witnessed at the present time the growing phenomenon of using electronic communication technologies, as a result ,the  new generation has no longer interacts with traditional media as much as it  interacts with electronic media. This generation named as  the network generation or the Internet generation.

 There are many social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, and students have been instructed to self-monitor while using communication and media technology because these applications are just techniques and their positive usage depends on the nature of their user.


Announcement of the Third International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design

9-10th of November 2021 
Announcement of the Third International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design.
Tishk International University (TIU) / Erbil, in cooperation with University of Technology / Department of Architectural Engendering , is hosting the Third International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between University Of Technology and Tishk University.
Researchers wishing to participate can see the attachments below.
For more details about the conference, see the link below

A Workshop titled The Road to the Labor Market

 30/6/2021 the Graduate Follow-up Unit, in cooperation with ( Sunaa Al Ibdaa  Group of Companies )Creative Makers for Training and Marketing companies, held a workshop 

Virtual workshop Entitled Generative Design & Parametric Architecture

26/5/2021  The Research and Development Unit at the Scientific Assistant Office - University of Technology organizes a virtual scientific workshop , In cooperation with the Architectural Engineering Department 

WORKSHOP TITLED: Interior design of home spaces during the COVID-19 Pandemic

27-28/2/2021 workshop Under the Academic Skills Development Program for postgraduate students at the University of Technology 



Workshop Titled The Curriculum System and E-Learning Management


 A Workshop Titled “The Role Of Engineering Services Designs In The Integration Of Building Designs And Their Functional Requirements


Culture of Building With Thermo stone  Symposium

 symposium titled "Setting up the electronic forum by adopting the Google Classroom system”    April/2019  
A workshop titled “Iraqi architecture towards global approaches: Reading in the Product of Architecture Dr. Louai Al-Jubouri as a Model   January/2019  
Workshop Titled “Design Process Specialty in symbolic functional Patterns”   January/2019  
Steven Initiative Symposium   6/3/2019  
A Seminar held at the Department of Architecture (Definition and Qualification) of the International accreditation tests of Autodesk & Adobe companies   28/2/2019  
Workshop : Interactive skills in the submission of scientific research in local and international conferences   26/12/2018  
Local participation in the Architect Rifaa Al-Chadirji Award for Architecture 2018 / Baghdad Design Center   December/2018  

Writing Competition Initiative

Hosting the Marathon Writing Initiative within the project (Come write in Baghdad)

Restoration of Historical Baghdad Center Symposium

  November /2018  

contemporary technologies to show architectural projects in the local labor market


A scientific symposium on the transition strategy of Baghdad as a city of attraction for tourism


An introductory seminar on social networking sites  on the development of local architecture


Seminar on the role of volunteering in the sustainability of the human being and its role in supporting the university community


Workshop on "Basic Concepts and Green Building Strategies"


workshop entitled:  Barometric design and contemporary applications “

  April/ 2018  
seminar on the reality of architectural education    5/3/2018   
 A workshop in cooperation with Jotun global company on the use of color in enriching internal and external surfaces   19/3/2018   
The urban impact of rural-urban migration and the role of rural housing as a strategy to reduce the phenomenon.   21/5/2017  
a Workshop Entitled "The formation of Scientific Researches and Theses According to the Requirements of Turnitin”   10/5/2017  
Advanced Materials in Architecture   2/4/2017  


   29/3/2017 -


 27/4/2015 -

The first global Architectural Conference on architectural and urban development for the city of Baghdad

For the period 26-27/6/2013

 The third Architectural Conference - intellectual communication between theory and practice

For the period
 29-30 / 11/2010

Conference Research has been published in the Iraqi architecture magazine - the sixth year - Volume the nineteenth, twentieth, and the twenty first and - in November 2010

The preparatory seminar for the gathering "for building Baghdadi venerable"

Thursday, 31/3/2011 -
Conferences and seminars that will be attended by department      

 Department of Architecture at the University of Al Nahreen Seminar - the integration of academic outcomes and the state future projects


Participants Professors got Letter of appreciation dated 17-5-2012

Vertical Housing in Iraq seminar


(Rapid Urban Growth and Opportunities for Sustainable Development) Conference at the University of Dohuk 

30/9/2012 Participants Professors got certificates of appreciation and a participation certificates
 "Cultural heritage preservation in contemporary cities" Conference   27/9/2012

Put up the formats of effective participation of the conference concerned party for training workshops and it’s under study

Proceedings of the first annual Qatar Architectural Conference  


3-4 2001


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