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Conferences and seminars held by the Department
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 29/3/2017 -


 27/4/2015 -

The first global Architectural Conference on architectural and urban development for the city of Baghdad

For the period 26-27/6/2013


 The third Architectural Conference - intellectual communication between theory and practice

For the period
 29-30 / 11/2010

Conference Research has been published in the Iraqi architecture magazine - the sixth year - Volume the nineteenth, twentieth, and the twenty first and - in November 2010

The preparatory seminar for the gathering "for building Baghdadi venerable"

Thursday, 31/3/2011 -
Conferences and seminars that will be attended by department

 Department of Architecture at the University of Al Nahreen Seminar - the integration of academic outcomes and the state future projects


Participants Professors got Letter of appreciation dated 17-5-2012

Vertical Housing in Iraq seminar

17/5/2012 - 

(Rapid Urban Growth and Opportunities for Sustainable Development) Conference at the University of Dohuk 

30/9/2012 Participants Professors got certificates of appreciation and a participation certificates
 "Cultural heritage preservation in contemporary cities" Conference   27/9/2012

Put up the formats of effective participation of the conference concerned party for training workshops and it’s under study

Proceedings of the first annual Qatar Architectural Conference  


3-4 2001 - 


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