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Announcement of the Third International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design

9-10th of November 2021 
Announcement of the Third International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design.
Tishk International University (TIU) / Erbil, in cooperation with University of Technology / Department of Architectural Engendering , is hosting the Third International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between University Of Technology and Tishk University.
Researchers wishing to participate can see the attachments below.
For more details about the conference, see the link below

A Workshop titled The Road to the Labor Market

 30/6/2021 the Graduate Follow-up Unit, in cooperation with ( Sunaa Al Ibdaa  Group of Companies )Creative Makers for Training and Marketing companies, held a workshop 

Virtual workshop Entitled Generative Design & Parametric Architecture

26/5/2021  The Research and Development Unit at the Scientific Assistant Office - University of Technology organizes a virtual scientific workshop , In cooperation with the Architectural Engineering Department 

WORKSHOP TITLED: Interior design of home spaces during the COVID-19 Pandemic

27-28/2/2021 workshop Under the Academic Skills Development Program for postgraduate students at the University of Technology 



Workshop Titled The Curriculum System and E-Learning Management


 A Workshop Titled “The Role Of Engineering Services Designs In The Integration Of Building Designs And Their Functional Requirements


Culture of Building With Thermo stone  Symposium

 symposium titled "Setting up the electronic forum by adopting the Google Classroom system”    April/2019  
A workshop titled “Iraqi architecture towards global approaches: Reading in the Product of Architecture Dr. Louai Al-Jubouri as a Model   January/2019  
Workshop Titled “Design Process Specialty in symbolic functional Patterns”   January/2019  
Steven Initiative Symposium   6/3/2019  
A Seminar held at the Department of Architecture (Definition and Qualification) of the International accreditation tests of Autodesk & Adobe companies   28/2/2019  
Workshop : Interactive skills in the submission of scientific research in local and international conferences   26/12/2018  
Local participation in the Architect Rifaa Al-Chadirji Award for Architecture 2018 / Baghdad Design Center   December/2018  

Writing Competition Initiative

Hosting the Marathon Writing Initiative within the project (Come write in Baghdad)

Restoration of Historical Baghdad Center Symposium

  November /2018  

contemporary technologies to show architectural projects in the local labor market


A scientific symposium on the transition strategy of Baghdad as a city of attraction for tourism


An introductory seminar on social networking sites  on the development of local architecture


Seminar on the role of volunteering in the sustainability of the human being and its role in supporting the university community


Workshop on "Basic Concepts and Green Building Strategies"


workshop entitled:  Barometric design and contemporary applications “

  April/ 2018  
seminar on the reality of architectural education    5/3/2018   
 A workshop in cooperation with Jotun global company on the use of color in enriching internal and external surfaces   19/3/2018   
The urban impact of rural-urban migration and the role of rural housing as a strategy to reduce the phenomenon.   21/5/2017  
a Workshop Entitled "The formation of Scientific Researches and Theses According to the Requirements of Turnitin”   10/5/2017  
Advanced Materials in Architecture   2/4/2017  


   29/3/2017 -


 27/4/2015 -

The first global Architectural Conference on architectural and urban development for the city of Baghdad

For the period 26-27/6/2013

 The third Architectural Conference - intellectual communication between theory and practice

For the period
 29-30 / 11/2010

Conference Research has been published in the Iraqi architecture magazine - the sixth year - Volume the nineteenth, twentieth, and the twenty first and - in November 2010

The preparatory seminar for the gathering "for building Baghdadi venerable"

Thursday, 31/3/2011 -
Conferences and seminars that will be attended by department      

 Department of Architecture at the University of Al Nahreen Seminar - the integration of academic outcomes and the state future projects


Participants Professors got Letter of appreciation dated 17-5-2012

Vertical Housing in Iraq seminar


(Rapid Urban Growth and Opportunities for Sustainable Development) Conference at the University of Dohuk 

30/9/2012 Participants Professors got certificates of appreciation and a participation certificates
 "Cultural heritage preservation in contemporary cities" Conference   27/9/2012

Put up the formats of effective participation of the conference concerned party for training workshops and it’s under study

Proceedings of the first annual Qatar Architectural Conference  


3-4 2001


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