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E -Learning Seminar Featured

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The Department of Architecture has organized a scientific symposium titled "Setting up the electronic forum by adopting the Google Classroom system”. This system is considered as one of the insurance and reliability tools for the national classification in engineering standards. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Uday Ali from the Department of Electrical Engineering .Dr.Ali (PhD. in building and sustaining capacities in renewable energies-UK) is responsible for applying the above system in all departments of the University of Technology.
the seminar was supervised by Dr. Safaa Abdul Hussain, head of the e-Learning Committee in the Department, and Mr. Mohammed Abdul Kari, responsible for following up the implementation and training of the Google Classroom system in the department.
The seminar was attended by the Head of Architecture Department. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim, Scientific Assistant Dr. Abdullah Saadoon Salman, Administrative Assistant Dr. Mahdi Faraj Saleh and a group of graduate and undergraduate students .
At the conclusion of the symposium, the head of the department delivered a speech in which he referred to the importance of implementing the electronic classroom project using the Google Classroom system, explaining its importance as one of the main steps in granting the international reliability as the system is one of the requirements of the national classification of this engineering standards. The head of the department praised all efforts and wish all of the progress and success in serving our beloved Iraq.





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