Research School

The research school at our architectural department is interested in cultural and intellectual fields which are considered a natural thing at UOT and in our country. This school is interested in the following aspects:
= architectural design as a practical and theoretical attitude taken by the architect concerning the research and composition.
=the Iraqi architectural identity and what makes it special and unique.
=the technology and other related fields to design and construction at the level of specialized buildings.
=the cultural view and its aspects on all levels: designing, management, composition and analyzing.
  Department of Architectural Engineering congratulates Dr. Ahmed Loay Ahmed for
  Dr. Suad Khalil Ibrahim received the second best poster presentation award for the papers
  The presidency of the Department of Architecture with scientific and
  The faculty members ,architect  and engineering staff listed below for granting  a letter of
  The department of architecture congratulates the students (Ali Nour Aladdin Aziz, Nour
   According to the schedule set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
   General meeting at the department of architecture was held with the presence of the
The President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Emad Hussain Marza Al Husseini Speech To
 The President of the University of Technology Prof. Dr. Emad Hussain Marza Al Husseini visited the
The Department of Architecture has organized On Monday, 2/9/2019 a scientific course entitled

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