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Department of Architectural Engineering Logo - University of Technology, Baghdad, 2016
The Symbolic And Aesthetic Indication To The Department Of Architecture.
The basic shape formation of the logo considered as a symbol of the University to which the department belongs, which represented by two parallel vertical pillars which formed arch and dome both are open to the sky as a sign of intellectual openness to knowledges and society, as well as in the use of black-and-blue which represented the university logo colors.
The letter (ع) the first letter of the word Architect translated into Arabic as (عمارة) , this letter mediates the two parallel pillars, that symbolizes the architecture of our universe .It formed in a way that deducted from the left pillar in order to break the symmetry between the two pillars and creates diversity between them while keeping the formal configuration of them .The letter (ع) was formed as a configuration of curves that give the suggestiveness of flexibility and strength conversely the stability of the shape which reflects a visual configuration reveals the traditional architectural vocabulary of Iraqi heritage and speciality of the department .
The logo presented against a circular background that reflects an impression of continuous movement, which represents the projects and the activities of the department .The circle enfolds a proportionate geometric shapes to symbolize the mathematical logic in the proportionality and balance adopted by the architect in the forming and constructing process.
The logo base represents the name of both the university and the department in Arabic and English.


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