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Virtual workshop Entitled Generative Design & Parametric Architecture Featured

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In cooperation with the Architectural Engineering Department-University of Technology, The Research and Development Unit at the Scientific Assistant Office organizes a virtual   scientific workshop entitled:

 Generative Design & Parametric Architecture: An Introduction to Futuristic Design Method

  The lecture delivered by Professor Firas Salem Nouri, in the Department of Architecture at Ajman University and Dr. Yahiya Adel Ibrahim, a Professor in the Department of Architecture-University of Technology.

 The workshop sheds light on the modern concepts of parametric design and generative design and their future prospects, which is a design method that quickly spread all over the world through famous architects such as Zaha Hadid, may God have mercy on her. The workshop will discuss  the way she followed in her designs.

This method  has dramatically changed the way design strategy is thought of towards a more detailed and sophisticated way of automating any process aiming  to reduce or eliminate human design error, in addition to  reduce the overall time required to achieve the best design.

 The workshop was attended by the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations  in addition to a  large number of the university professors and architects interested in the subject, along with the under and post graduate students in a number of Iraqi and Emirates universities. The participants working actively during the lecture . The scientific assistant praised the lecturers and attendees, as well as the effective steps for developing curricula in the Department of Architecture.

Below is a link to attend  the workshop on the YouTube channel of the Research and Development unit of the Office of the Scientific Assistant at the University of Technology for those who missed the participation :

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