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Bullying against women: inherited or acquired Featured

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The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology, in cooperation with the Women's Empowerment Unit, On Monday, December 5, 2022, hosted a workshop entitled "Bullying against Women: Inherited or Acquired".

The workshop discussed with defining the concept of bullying in general and with women in particular, the bullying Iraqi women are exposed to in some societal environments, whether this bullying is within the family or from society, and whether it is for financial reasons or by virtue of imposing control. Bullying was discussed in Iraqi legal legislations , the law for  bullying punishment , the role of the tribal society .The development of solutions to this phenomenon represented by raising awareness and educating were discussed  , as well as educating the victim of  her rights by  confronting family and societal bullying.

The workshop was attended by the scientific assistant, Dr. Mufid Ihsan Shawk, and the administrative assistant, Dr. Ahmed Talib Hameed, in addition to the female teaching staff and employees.

The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates to the participating guests.







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