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A qualitative lecture for first-year students Featured

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In the presence of the Head of the Architectural Engineering Department, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad
Kazem, the Scientific Assistant, Assistant Professor Dr. Mufid Ihsan Al-Shouk, and the Administrative
Assistant, Teacher, Dr. Yahya Adel Ibrahim, the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit
was established, under the supervision of the teacher, Dr. Hoda Muhammad Suleiman, on Tuesday,
3/26/2024, a qualitative lecture was held for the first-year students in the department, delivered by (Dr.
Haider Hassan - lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering) entitled (Regulations and Duties of
Students on the University Campus). The lecture included the following topics:
The student’s duties towards the administration and faculty.
The student's duties towards his fellow students.
Explanation and clarification of the university disciplinary law.
The problems faced by students in their academic journey at the university were listened to, discussed,
and appropriate solutions were developed by clarifying the rights and duties of the student in
accordance with the university student discipline law. The lecture concluded with the head of the
department handing over a letter of thanks and gratitude to the lecturer, with the hope of
communicating it in subsequent lectures to our students.
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