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Seminar in the Department of Architecture Featured

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In the presence of the Head of the Architectural Engineering Department, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad
Kazem, and the Assistant Head of the Architectural Branch, Dr. Ahmed Louay Ahmed, and under the
supervision of the Assistant Head of the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit, Dr.
Hoda Muhammad Suleiman, and in cooperation with the Legal Affairs Department, the symposium was
held entitled “Intellectual extremism, moral anomalies, and the position of Iraqi law on them”, on
Wednesday, 4/17/2024, at 10:30, it was delivered by the Director of the Legal Affairs Department,
Assistant Lecturer Haider Abdullah Fadel, and Assistant Dr. Waddah Ghassan Abdel Qader. The
symposium focused on educating students about extremist ideas related to moral abnormalities, as well
as the position of Iraqi law on them, in order to deter them, lead to their elimination and decline, and to
secure society from them.
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