Department activities 2019 - 2020






Under the supervision of the Department’s presidency and following the E-learning committee  directions ,the Department of Architectural Engineering held a workshop titled “ E-LEARNING PLATFORM ADAPTATION  TO SUPPORT TRADITIONAL EDUCATION AND STUDENT SKILLS DEVELOPMENTS”  in cooperation with Dr. Uday Ali Ahmed from the Department of Electrical Engineering, The workshop  discussed  the definition of a platform ( suite for education) and its  possibilities to support the educational process and develop students ’skills, at Mallawiyah Hall on the ground floor at the department .


   Workshop Titled The Curriculum System and E-Learning  Management

 With  the presence of the head of architecture department  and the faculty member , The Department of Architectural  Engineering hosts a workshop entitled (The Curriculum System and E-Learning  Management). The workshop was delivered by Assistant Prof. Dr. Rawa Fawzi (E-Learning supervisor) , Dr. Yahya Adel (Director of Registration) and  lecturer . Dr. Lina Ghanem ( Department Rapporteur). The workshop included the system introduction and the roles of each (university, department, supervisors, students),explaining the mechanisms of dealing with the system, in addition to an open discussion to identify obstacles and exchange views. 



  Volunteer Work Campaign

Supervising by the head of the Architectural Engineering Department, Dr. Safaa El-Din Hussein, a volunteer work campaign launched at the department in order to clean and rehabilitate the spaces behind the department of architecture aiming at activating these areas for the benefit of the students to ensure appropriate atmosphere campus.




   Editorial Board of the Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning Meeting

 The editorial board of the Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning met at the department of architecture .The meeting headed by Assistant Prof. Dr. Safaa El-Din Hussein Ali with the attendance of the editorial committee members to discuss the mechanism of enrolling the journal in the SCOPUS database in addition to other international   publishers.  The assignments were distributed for each of the main and supporting editors of the journal, the mechanism of editing and managing each section were discussed starting by submitting the research to the journal website by the researcher, choosing the Scientific evaluators for the research, processing the official correspondence with the researcher on one side and the scientific evaluator on the other side, concluding this procedure by evaluation determination for each research, then submitted the result to the editorial office and to the journal's editor-in-chief.

   International Day of Education

The presidency of the Department of Architecture, faculty members and the department employees celebrated the occasion of the International Day of Education, corresponding to the 24th of January as International Day of Education in celebration of the role of education for Peace and Development. This comes in order to urge the establishing and pursuing scientific academic process. Within the ceremony, the important role that science plays in society was discussed, photos of the department’s presidency and staff were taken as being members in various committees supporting their contribution to upgrading the institution and keeping pace with the scientific development in world wide .




  General Meeting at the Department of Architecture with the presence of the

President of the University of Technology


 General meeting at the department of architecture was held with the presence of the Prof. Dr. mad  Hussain Marza Al Husseini the  President of the university of Technology, the head of the department, the academic professors and the staff of the department.

The meeting discussed a number of important issues that focusing  on the student’s personality  development, improving the nature of interaction between the student and the faculty staff ,the development of academic programs in accordance with the University's specialties in addition to  the infrastructure recon structure.

The President of the University focused on strengthening the researches  submissions in international journals with the highest impact factor, the relationship between the student and the professors  must prevail respecting, and cooperation in order to enhance the student's loyalty  to the university within  the  relationship to the lecture and the institution.

He also stressed on the need for the privacy of the campus and respectable  behaviors within it .

The importance of patents and the promotion of E-learning and focusing on the digital repository as well as the development, planning for creditability.
The field of infrastructure development has been put forward a set of goals for the development of the external spaces of the university in order to create an encouraging external environment for education in accordance with the objectives of the governmental program.




     Post_Production_Photoshop course

The Department of Architecture has organized On Monday, 2/9/2019 a scientific course entitled " Post_Production_Photoshop. The course was held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The number of attendees was 53 students, 35 students of the second stage of the University of Technology and 18 students of the fifth stage of the students of Baghdad University. The course will continue for two weeks.




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