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Participation In The International Scientific Workshop Featured

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Within our department’s participation in international scientific activities , Dr.
Yihya Adel Ibrahim, one of the faculty member in the department of architecture
engineering participated as one of the trainers in the international workshop
(Liveable Passive Intelligent Cities) organized in Amman by BrightonUniversity
(United Kingdom) and Petra University (Jordan) under the auspices of (British
The workshop aims to train a new generation of researchers in urban
sustainability issues in addition to sustainable development, energy efficiency,
and the environmental impact of buildings , the methods analysis development
and problem identification with a special focus on developing countries in order to
spread the culture of the importance of sustainable design and strategies for
energy conservation. Dr.Yahya Adel Ibrahim submitted his lecture entitled:”

Sustainable Building Design: Integrated Façade Systems “His experience in this
field is a part of his doctoral study entitled “Integrated Façade Systems for
Highly- to Fully Glazed Office Buildings in Hot and Arid Climates”
He also reviewed a summary of his research in this field to benefit from and
disseminate it in countries with similar and different climatic regions.
The workshop concluded with honoring the trainers with a certificate of
Name of the workshop:: Liveable Passive Intelligent Cities
Organizers of the workshop: 1- University of Brighton (United Kingdom)
2- University of Petra (Jordan)
Workshop sponsor: British Council
Delegate Role: Mentor Trainer
Number of participating trainers: 4 (1 from Iraq, 3 from the United Kingdom)
Number of trainees: 18 from the United Kingdom and 18 from Jordan
Workshop goals:
-Creating a network of researchers across different disciplines in architecture who have
the same scientific and research interests.
- Setting an agenda and action plan for long-term cooperation and mutual support
between researchers in developing countries such as Jordan, Iraq, and the United
- Providing an electronic platform for exchanging and developing ideas, and presenting
those ideas to the Researchers' community.
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