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A scientific visit for the Department of Architectural Engineering Students Featured

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Under the auspices of the Head of the Department of Architecture, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad
Kadhim, in cooperation with the management of the Iraq Revival Team for the Preservation of
Antiquities and Heritage, the students from all stages of Architectural Engineering visited On
Thursday, 14 of September, 2023, the Royal Cemetery, the House of Rashid Ali Al-Kilani, and
the House of Al-Shawi, in which they learned about the heritage engineering and
architectural details, which confirm the ingenuity of Baghdadi builders and craftsmen, as
well as understanding the aesthetics of traditional Baghdadi construction and
craftsmanship of prestige and luxury, especially in the Royal Cemetery, in addition to the
acknowledgments gained by looking at the architectural practice of the Baghdadi House
from environmentally and socially aspect in both Kilani and Shawi Houses .

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