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Third stage Interior Design gallery Featured

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Third stage Interior Design gallery - Department of Architecture
Project: redesign of university buildings' interior spaces Under the auspices of the Architectural Department,s Head “ Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad”, and the efforts of the design team represented by “Asst. Prof. Dr. Shamael M Wajeeh Al Dabbagh” and staff members (Dr. Aseel Ibrahim, Dr. Nagham Ahmed, lecturer Zahraa Ahmed), the Department of Architecture held an exhibition of third stage students projects as a final show in the interior design subject on Wednesday 5/17/2023, which reflected the outputs of course education represented in solving the design problems for their various aspects ( functional, aesthetic, symbolic, and environmental ) for various interior space types that reflect their impact on the campus users.
Students learned to respond to complex environmental and cultural contexts through design studio projects that explore interior space within a variety of site contexts. the program emphasized creativity, design communication skills, and critical thinking fundamental to the design process, also program aimed to prepare students to act as independent problem-solvers and valuable design-team members.




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