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A Scientific Tour To Al-Qashla And Al-Mustansiriya School Featured

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The students of the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology visited Al-Qashla and Al-Mustansiriya School  on Wednesday 24th  of November 2021 .The  scientific tour  of the fourth stage is a  part of the requirements of  the Islamic architecture subject. 

This tour  comes within the annual activities of the Department of Architecture Engineering in spreading the spirit of cooperation among the students of the department aiming at  enhancing their knowledge of civilizational  and Islamic cultural heritage to increase their expertise in this field and support their academic specialization. The tour  was supervised by:

Assistant Prof. Dr. Zainab Hussein Raouf / professor  of Islamic Architecture subject  

Prof. Dr. Rawaa Fawzy and  Dr. Lina Ghanim ,the teaching staff of urban design course  for the fourth stage 






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