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The Chairman of the Scientific and Engineering Consulting Bureau Council Dr. Safaa Al-Din Hussein attended the decrees of handing over the position duties through the election of the director of the Scientific and Engineering Consultations bureau with the presence of the former Council Chairman, the Assistant Professor Dr. Dhari Youssef.




































The members of the Scientific and Engineering Consulting Bureau at the University of Technology hold a meeting headed by the Assistant Professor Dr. Safaa Al-Din Hussein, head of the Architectural Engineering Department, as he was the president of the council to elect the director of the Bureau of Scientific and Engineering Consultations.

During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Tariq Saleh Hadi, a faculty member of the Civil Engineering Department was elected as a director of the Bureau. He was congratulated by the council members.




































In the presence of Dr. Alaa Hassan, the Scientific Assistant to the President of the University and Dr. Safaa Al-Din Hussein, the head of the Department of Architecture, a welcoming ceremony of the first stage students held in the department. The ceremony aiming at encouraging students within the scientific process to achieve highest distinction and ranking. The first three students of the past year were honored along with the valuable guiding speech delivered by the head of the Department of Architecture, Dr. Safaa Al-Din Hussein.




































  The Environmental Research Center, in cooperation with the directorate of Public Health, is holding the scientific symposium titled (Epidemiology of Corona Virus - Prevention and Treatment), on Thursday, 27/22/2020 at 10 in the morning at the green hall in the Environmental Research Center, and the invitation for public.

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