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Under the direct supervision of the Head of the Department of Architecture, Graduate Follow-up Unit honored the three ranked students  in the Revit program online course for engineering design, which was held by the Graduate Follow-up Unit in the Department of Architecture on the 23rd till  30th of last April, with the participation of 71 students from the second stage .The students were trained by the architect Saif Salah El-Din, one of the members of the Graduate Follow-up Unit.

The first three students on the course were honored with a certificate of participation and a letter of thanks and appreciation, as well as a scientific book in human development as a gift  to help students build  and improve their soft and scientific skills.

On behalf of the head of the department ,the Administrative assistant  Dr.Mahdi Salih Faraj  and Mr. Mohammed Abdul Karim honored the students. 

This honoring  come  along with  the plan of the Graduate Follow-up Unit in the Department of Architecture in developing scientific and soft skills for students and graduates within the skills development program.

Career Development Skills

 To prepare them to engage in the Iraqi labor market and support the practical and academic construction process for students.


The Student ((Nabaa Tahir )) at the Department of Architecture has been granted master of science degree on her thesis titled “Motives of formal transformation in the architectural models of subterranean”.

The discussion was held in the postgraduate hall at the  architectural engineering department- University of Technology.

The thesis is supervised by Prof. Dr. Asmaa  Muhammad and Asistant prof. Dr. Zeinab Husein Rauf . The discussion committee was headed by prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Hamza and included each of; Assistant.Prof. Dr.Areej Al-Sadhan - University of Uruk,Prof. Dr. Brizat Qassem - University of Technology as members 

The discussion dominated by  a  scientific atmosphere as the concept of the thesis importance is essential in Understanding Local community needs.

The discussion was attended by faculty members , including the scientific assistant, the administrative assistant, and a group of postgraduate students..

After consultation among committee members the student granted a master's degree with the grade( Fulfilled).


All graduates of the Department of Architectural engineering  who granted a master’s or doctorate degrees (non-employees) and graduates within the years  2003- 2021 are requested to fill out the form below. Thank you .

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