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Honoring the top ranked students for the academic year 2020-2021 Featured

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 The head of the Department of Architecture, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad, honored on Thursday, 11/18/2021, undergraduate students of the academic year 2020-2021, within the  presence of the department’s administrative assistant, Dr. Ahmed Talib and Dr. Huda Salman the student activities unit director ,.

The top students were honored with certificates of appreciation for their outstanding and tireless efforts throughout the previous academic year.

In light of the department’s orientation towards evaluating and developing the educational process in order to keep up with  the developments of the global and regional educational reality in line with the department’s desire to follow international standards for the adoption of its educational programs, this elite of students was directed towards providing the department with their objective vision on their evaluation of the department and the educational process from three perspectives   :

The first aspect: the extent to which the department’s infrastructure requirements are appropriate, such as spaces, equipment, an internal and external environment that is appropriate to the requirements of the student and the educational process.

The second aspect: the extent to which the educational process fulfills the requirements of the architecture specialization, the skills they have acquired and the ways to develop, their observations about the nature of the relationship between the syllabus and the process of explaining the necessary information and the skills appropriate to apply this information.

The third aspect: The possibility of benefiting and participating in the development of the department’s future vision through the importance of opening different specializations and not relying on a single specialization because of its benefit in diversifying future job opportunities for the graduate, especially if the academic programs are designed according to international quality accreditation standards.

May God guide them to serve our country, Iraq, and to improve the quality of architectural study in general. The top ranked students for the academic year 2020-2021 are:

The first stage

1_ Zaid Khaled Jassim

2_Ali Ziyad Khalaf

3_ Rania Ahmed Abdel Karim

The second stage

1_ Joan Hamed Abdel Redha

2_ Musa Jamal Jalil

3_ Fatima Hamed Khalif

third stage

1_ Manar Nazih Samir

2_ Esraa Mohamed Mahmoud

3_ Mustafa Haitham Muhammad

The fourth stage

1_ Umm Al-Baneen Ali Shaker

2_ Fatima Salman Daoud

3_ Athraa  Ahmed Abbas

Five stage

1_ Fadia Muhammad Mahdi

2_ Zainab Fayez Saleh

3- Fatima Dhiaa Hassan















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