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On Thursday, March 31, 2022, the Architectural Engineering Department’s football championship for students was concluded, the championship took place under the supervision of the student activities supervisor, Dr. Hoda Mohamed Suleiman, the second stage team beat the fourth stage team with a result of (3-0) ... Dr. Bilal Samir attended the match and the head of the ensnaring staff, Haitham Qais, on behalf of the department’s presidency.

The winning teams were granted by them with the first and second rank. The student Hamza Khalil from the fourth stage won the title of the ideal player, the student Omar Muhammad from the second stage won the title of best player, while the tournament’s top scorer was granted to the Student Sajjad Hussein from the second stage... All the best to our dear students.



Postgraduate Study Expansion, Acceptance and Postpone 

Within the activities of the Alumni Follow-up Unit in the department, the fifth stage students participated on Thursday, March 23, 2022 in the (Visit-Day Program Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship and Pioneering Program), which were prepared in cooperation with both the Qualification and Employment Follow-up Division at the University of Technology and (the Station) Foundation.

The station foundation announced its program (The Metro), which targets university students in different fields in 2022, including awareness sessions on the entrepreneurship environment and various topics, including marketing, innovation, problem solving and how to find their own projects, in addition to job training. The program is intended for recent graduates in general and university students in particular to build their skills and abilities aiming at increasing job opportunities after graduation.

The program was explained to the students, then an introductory tour was prepared inside the headquarters of the station Foundation to introduce its departments support and facilities it provides to students, business owners and emerging projects.

Noting that the future objectives of the program include students’ training, introducing them to the private sector, training them on real practical interviews, and how to create a CV to give them more opportunities and build qualifications in the future. These trainings will be within university campus and for a period of three hours once or twice a week.

Revocation Students 
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