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Dr. Venus' participation in a symposium on sustainable development and the identity of Iraqi local architecture. Featured

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Dr. Venus Suleiman Akef, a faculty member in the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology, participated in a panel discussion held by Al Furat Al Awsat Technical University in Najaf under the title “ Sustainable Development and the Identity of Iraqi Local community” on 3/11/2021 to discuss the importance of preserving the local architectural identity , the state of deterioration and visual pollution awareness, the absence of planning in recent years and the possibility of advancing our local architecture  , activating the goals of sustainable development in our Iraqi cities and linking with the United Nations agenda for the year 2030 by strengthening the identity of local architecture.

Dr. Venus discussed the first item of the symposium, which is about the sustainable development goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for  Iraq heritage and contemporary.

The second item in the symposium related to the transformations in the identity of the Iraqi local architecture, while the third and fourth items dealt with techniques and building materials in the Iraqi city through the past to the  present, then it concluded by discussing  the legislation and building laws.

The symposium was attended by the President of the University of Technology and his assistants, a number of the deans of colleges , the Director of Media and Government Communication in Najaf Governorate, and a number of the media of the specialized professors, as well as the engineering staff and students  in the formations of the university. The discussions dealt with an extensive discussion of the topics submitted  in the symposium.

Similar to this symposium, prospects for scientific and cultural cooperation were discussed, a joint scientific and cultural memorandum of understanding was signed between the two universities - University of Technology and Al Furat Al Awsat Technical University - which included cooperation in the fields of research, scientific publishing, exchange of experiences, scientific and research advice, joint supervision and participation in activities at all possible levels. 








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