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Required Documents To Apply For A Scientific Promotion

The Required Documents  To Apply For Scientific Promotion In Accordance With The Directives Of The Central Committee For Scientific Promotion

  1. Request letter .

2- form no. (1)

3- form no. (2)

  1. Curriculum vitae (cv)

5- university order  form that  granted the last degree certificate.

6 - the  university certificate of the validity of teaching + the university certificate for the scientific title

  1. Certification of the research registration at the scientific committee

8 - Published Research Or The Acceptance Of Publication Of  The Submitted Research Within  Five Copies Of Each  Research

9 - a copy of the previous promotion researches

10 - quotation evaluation form

  1. Performance evaluation form

12- personal pictures number (2)

  1. Cd-for the submitted research

14 – Certificate Of  doctoral Students accession 

  1. Cd-form of the committee .

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