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M .Sc. Thesis Discussion At the Department of ArchitecturTitled “The Role Of Energy AndResources In Future Architecture, The Role Of Future Building Systems In ReducingEnvironmental Pollu$on

The Student Mohammed Salman Dawood at the Department of Architecture
has been granted M.Sc. degree with ( very good) grade on his thesis titled
“ The Role Of Energy And Resources In Future Architecture, The Role Of
Future Building Systems In Reducing Environmental Pollution" .
The discussion jury was headed by Asst.Prof.Dr. Asmaa Muhammed husein
and included each of Dr.Rwawa Fawzi Naoum ,Lecturer Khalid Abdul wahab
as members the thesis supervised by Younis Mahmood Muhammad saleem.
  • The student was granted a master's degree in architectural science, architectural
    design .
  • researchers in the department as well as the head of the department ,the
    administrative and scientific assistants in addition to the academic staff of the
    department .This approach considered as a standard method for the purpose of
    The discussion was attended by most of the master's and doctoral students and benefiting from the observations made by Evaluators.
  Under the supervision of the Department’s presidency
 With  the presence of the head of architecture department  and the faculty member , The Department
Supervising by the head of the Architectural Engineering Department, Dr. Safaa El-Din Hussein, a
  The editorial board of the Iraqi Journal of Architecture and
Faculty members and students of the department of architecture granted a gratitude and appreciation
  Assistant Prof. Dr. Basim Hassan Hashem granted a letter of gratitude and
The presidency of the Department of Architecture, faculty members and the department employees
  The Department of Architecture continues to hold  the first semester exam for postgraduate
  The Department of Architectural Engineering held a meeting of the Department’s Council on
First semester exams for postgraduate studies (Doctorate - Masters Degrees) was held at The

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