Department activities 2018

    Department activities 2018 :


 Writing Competition Initiative 

The Department of Architecture hosted Writing Initiative competition titled "writing in Baghdad" project. Mr. Kassem Saudi presented a workshop dedicated to the students of the first stage entitled

 "Releasing the Imaginary Power".

The Workshop Idea:

The workshop adopts the concept of brainstorming to encourage students in their early studies of architecture by  using imaginative energy to create innovative relationships between the concepts  in daily life and then to apply these concepts  into the activities of architectural design to free themselves from  traditional images and models by creating  innovative configurations that represent an additional acknowledgment  to  the educational process in the study of architecture within the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology.





 Restoration of Historical Baghdad Center Symposium

The Department of Architecture held a Symposium to discuss the restoration of the historic center of Baghdad, which is especially important because it represents the heart of the city, in addition to being the capital of Iraq.

The initiative calls for action to revive and restore this region, reintegrate its elements and increase its urban activities by establishing a platform for serious constructive dialogue and clarifying the directions of future visions and methods for the future of this  historic city center.



 Workshop  Titled “ Contemporary Technologies"

The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology / Alumni Follow-Up Unit held a workshop discussing the use of modern technologies to display architectural projects in the local labor market. The workshop included applications of virtual reality and augmented reality, Attendance at a workshop discussing the application and the process of investments in the projects of academic students in addition to the future projects.





 Third stage Scientific visit to the Fine Arts  Institute 

Faculty members of  the third stage architectural design  headed by  Dr.Zeinb . Hussein Raouf ,  Dr. Shamail Mohammed Wajih , Dr. Rana Mazen Mahdi ,Dr. Enas Salem Abdul-Ahad , Assistant lecturer Muhimen Basim,Assistant lecturer .The visit is aimed at  learning  how to deal with the educational patterns of buildings and to deepen the theoretical knowledge of the student  by linking it  to the practical application  as well as to identify the components and sections of the project as whole.

The visit and the tour included a joint workshop, in which the nature of the study of each department  and the nature of the output was discussed, whether a student of Fine Arts Institute or the Department of Architecture, aiming at enhancing the interaction between the governmental ministries and its institutions represented by both parties. 





 Workshop : Interactive skills in the submission of scientific research in local and international conferences

Within a frame of cooperation between the University of Technology and Al-Karkh University of Sciences, the Department of Architecture organized on Wednesday, 26/12/2018, a workshop entitled ( Interactive skills in the submission of scientific research in local and international conferences) delivered  by Dr. Rafea Abbas Hassan in the central hall  of the department .