Research School

The research school at our architectural department is interested in cultural and intellectual fields which are considered a natural thing at UOT and in our country. This school is interested in the following aspects:
= architectural design as a practical and theoretical attitude taken by the architect concerning the research and composition.
=the Iraqi architectural identity and what makes it special and unique.
=the technology and other related fields to design and construction at the level of specialized buildings.
=the cultural view and its aspects on all levels: designing, management, composition and analyzing.
The Department of Architecture has organized a scientific symposium titled "Setting up the
The Department of Architecture organized a scientific visit to Al-Bab Al-Wastani site at Al- Rusafa
Under the supervision of Dr. Yahya Ibrahim ( the head of the project) along with  Dr. Bilal Samir,
The faculty staff of the architectural design (first stage) organized a scientific visit to the
In accordance with the memorandum of understanding between the University of Technology -
The Department of Architecture held a declarative seminar for the students of Iraqi Young Leaders
 Faculty staff of architectural design headed by Prof.Dr. Sana Sati , Dr. Rwa Fawzi Naoum, Dr.
 The Department of Architecture held  a seminar titled “international standards in hospital design”
  The Student (Marwa Nasir Mohammed)  at the Department of Architecture has been granted M.Sc.
 Under the supervision of Dr. Zainab Hussein Rauf  ( the head of the project) along with  Dr. Rana

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