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    Study plan of the  Bachelor Degree Admission requirements and registration for undergraduate 2017 / 2018 The Plan admission for undergraduate 2017 / 2018 Study plan of Postgraduate Degree • Admission requirements and registration for postgraduate 2017 / 2018  The Plan admission for postgraduate 2017 / 2018

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               E-Mail Form for the First Year Students of Electrical Engineering Department                 E-Learning for Electrical Engineering Department           

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    Graduation projects for the academic year 2015-2016  Graduation projects for the academic year 2014-2015    graduation projects specitialize 2014    Graduation projects for the academic year 2013 - 2014    graduation projects specitialize 2013    Graduation projects for the academic year2012 - 2013    Graduation projects for the academic year 2011 - 2012   Graduation projects for the academic year 2010 - 2011  Graduation projects for the academic year2009 - 2010 Graduation projects for the academic year 2008 - 2009

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      First year Subject Units Lectures Art and architecture 4   Buildings construction 3    Mathematics 4   Free Hand Drawing 3 Practical Computers 2   Human Rights 4   Architectural Design 10 Practical E 2   History of Architecture 4   Second year Subject Units Lectures Architectural Design 11 Practical History of Architecture 4   Structure 4   Architectural Visualization techniques and Freehand drawing 4 Practical Surveying 2   Buildings Construction 4   Freedom and Democracy 4   Computers 2   Descriptive Geometry 2   Architecture and logic 2   Third year Subject Units Lectures Pluming Services 2   Computers 2   Mechanical Services 2   Architectural design Methodology 2   History of Architecture 4      Buildings Construction 5   Architecture and Environment 4   Architectural Design 11 Practical Structure 4   Principles of Planning and Urban Design 2   Fourth year Subject Units Lectures Housing 4                      Urban Design Theory 2   Interior spaces Design 3   External spaces Design 2   Architectural Design Theory 2   Building Services 3   Domestic Iraqi Architecture 3   Architectural Psychology 2      Urban Climatic Environment 2    Acoustic Services 2   Arabic Islamic Architecture 2   Fifth year Subject Units Lectures Sustainable Architecture 2   Design Thesis 15 Practical Project Management 2   Philosophy and Architecture 2   Design Research Thesis 2   Quantities and Specifications 2   Building Regulation 2  

The Student  Zainab Saad Mahdi at the Department of Architecture granted M.Sc. degree on her thesis
The committees of Quality and Assurance of educational laboratories visited the Architecture
ProfDr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim granted two letters of thanks and appreciation from the Center of
Department of architectural engineering (third stage) held a workshop titled “Design Process
  The Department of architecture council members held an emergency meeting to discuss the worksheet
The Student (Hossam Jabbar Abbas) at the Department of Architecture has been granted a Ph.D. degree
The Student Zahraa Ahmed Hussein at the Department of Architecture has been granted M.Sc. degree on
Proceeding the importance of enhancing the role of universities in the exchange of knowledge and in
Within the cooperation of research institutions and universities,in cooperation with the Department
Prof .Dr.Ibrahim Jawad Khadhim the head of the architecture department held a meeting with the

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  Granting a master's degree to the student (
31 October 2018
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