Research published by the teaching staff 2021




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Professors Name




Studying street centrality and human density in different urban forms in Baghdad, Iraq

L.Dr.Haider Jasim Isaa

Dr.Durgham AlUbaidi


Ain Shams Engineering Journal

Ain Shams University


Revitalizing the historical center of Al-Najaf city in Iraq: learning from the British conservation experiences

L.Dr.Vinus Salman Akif

Dr.Zuhair Nassar

Dr.Sabih Lafta Farhan

Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development

Emerald Insight


Factors influencing the transformation of Iraqi holy cities: the case of Al-Najaf

L.Dr.Vinus Salman Akif

Dr.Salah Lafta Alzubaidi
Dr.Khalid safa hashim

Dr.Sabih Lafta Farhan&
  Danil Antoan

Engineering and Environmental Sciences



Effects of Urban Growth on Street Networks and Land Use in Mosul, Iraq: A Case Study

Assistant Prof .Dr.Wahda Shukur Mahmoud

Researcher hanin Ali Abed


Civil Engineering and Architecture 9(6): 1667-1676, 2021



Hierarchical scaling within the spaces Syntax of the Mosulian house

Professor .Dr.Asmaa Muhamed  Husein Abdulrazaq

Researcher Fatima Ihsan Salih


Journal of the Association of Arab Universities



The Effect of a Similar Strategy in The Rebuilding of Valuable Buildings

Professor .Dr.Basim Hasan Hashim

Dr.Ahmed hashim Hamid

Saja Khalid Alqaisi

Journal of the Association of Arab Universities



Iterative systems in sold structures and filigree structures / study in structural surface strategy

Professor .Dr.Asmaa Muhamed  Husein Abdulrazaq

Researcher Tahrir Munir Sahib


Journal of the Association of Arab Universities



Adaptive reuse in neglected industrial buildings (Industrial buildings in the Iraqi Ministry of Oil)

L.Dr.Inas Salim Abdul Ahad

Assistant Prof.Dr.Abdulah sadun salman

Haider Adnan Ensaif

IOP Publishing
1773 (2021) 012040

Journal of Physics: Conference Series


Transformation Types of Transitional Spaces in The Local Dwelling in Iraq

Professor .Dr.Asmaa Muhamed  Husein Abdulrazaq



IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1090 (2021) 012075



Branding for cities: the case study of Baghdad

Assistant Prof .Dr.Wahda Shukur Mahmoud

Sherin Kamil Zidan


IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 779 (2021) 012037



Porous Gaps Activating the Urban Space

Assistant Prof .Dr.Wahda Shukur Mahmoud

Shatha Salim Al Mudhafar


International Review of Civil Engineering (IRECE) 12(3):190



Adopting sustainable development in reconstruction Post War City of Mosul Architecture-Case Study

Assistant Prof Dr.Anwar Subhi Ramadhan

Iad Abdul Razaq Muhsin


IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 754 (2021) 012001
Prospects of Sustainability and Planning of Cities (SPSC 2020)


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