Research accepted for publication by the teaching staff 2016





Seq. Searches name Researcher name publisher Year of Publication


Interaction design &it is role in the development of greative Jasim mohammed

Qadisiyah journal of ingineering Seience

Qadisiyah university
Publication acceptance 17/1/2017
Suha hassan


The role of housing in urban development study in housing Hussein Ali Al kahchi surramanraa journal /samara university  Publication acceptance 24/04/2016
Mufeed Ihsan Shouk
Wijdan Dheya abduljalil
 3 The role of smart materials in Adaptive facades Wijdan Dheya abduljalil Journal of the federation of Arab universities  for engineering studies and research Publication acceptance 31/8/2016
 4 Residential efficiency system of noise level Mufeed Ihsan Shouk Journal of planning and development center of urban & reginal  planning for post graduate studies Publication acceptance 17/8/2016
 5 Interaction between learners within self-organized learning environments - spaces of architectural engineering department case study    Asmaa mohammed Hussein AbdulRazzak Journal of  technology  and engineering  / university of technology Publication acceptance 17/10/2016
 6 New cities desin policies as a plan for sustaining the city Lubna Raheem Turki Journal of faculty of engineeringnahrain university Publication acceptance 3/2/2016
 7 the degreeof ifluence on the integration of the learner within the learning space the department of architecture as acase study Asmaa mohammed Hussein AbdulRazzak Journal of engineering / university of baghdad Publication acceptance 30/10/2016

Intention As areading strategy for contemporary architectural

Basim Hasan Hashim Al-muthana,s journal for engineering &technology Publication acceptance 20/10/2016
 9 The Impact of the concept of revene in the buildings of mosques Mahdi saleh Fraj Journal of the university ob babylon Publication acceptance 4/12/2016
 10 Biotech  Architecture Ali muhsin jaafar Al khafaj Journal of Scientific Dissertation Publication acceptance 28/10/2016
Tamara Adel mahmmod


The role of urban infrastructure in the development of sustainable cities Wahda shukur mahmmod First scientific conferenceta on sustainable develop ment Publication acceptance  
Nada Abdul mueen
Safaa Aldeen Hussein Ali
12 The impact of BIMsystemon the design of the service system in contemporary buildings Ali muhsin jaafar Al khafaj Journal of the university ob babylon Publication acceptance 14/12/2016
Ridha hasan  taqi
13 The role of building nformation modeling system in the integration of form and origin system Ali muhsin jaafar Al khafaj Journal of scientific dissertation general tight Publication acceptance 3/11/2016
Ridha hasan  taqi
14 دور التراث الثقافي في التنمية الحضرية المستدامة أ.م.د صفاء الدين حسين
احمد حميد كاظم
المؤتمر العلمي الاول لاهداف التنمية المستدامة Publication acceptance 15/12/2016


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