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The teaching staff of the first stage organized seminars on Thursday , March 30, 2023,  under the supervision of free sketching  professors, a special exhibition of the most prominent free sketching  of the  first-stage students was displayed.

Architectural projects in watercolors and wood colors in addition to the  various sketching  techniques that reflected the students' capabilities in adjusting the scale, percentage , proportionality, and the effect of the presentation..









Tuesday, 04 April 2023 06:57

Students Graduation Projects Seminars

The teaching staff of the fifth stage of the design thesis subject organized seminars on Sunday April 02, 2023   to discuss students’ graduation projects, especially the requirements for pre-final submission.

 Architectural plans, facades, and architectural models were discussed in order to prepare all the fine details that related to the parts of the graduation project for each student









Under the supervision of the professors (Dr. Qais Abdul Hussein and Assistant lecturer  Enas Ali), the department  of architectural engineering organized a scientific visit  for the fourth stage students  to the university theater  on Thursday , March 30, 2023 as a practical  application of sound indicators as a means to measurement of sound indicators by adopting audio devices as a practical measure to study sound in audio spaces with the aim of preparing them as graduate engineers.







The professors of architecture acoustics subject of the five stage students (Dr. Qais Abdel-Hussein and Dr. Enas Ali) organized a scientific visit within the framework of preparing the students as graduate engineers, on Monday, March 20, 2023.The team visited the theater of the University of Technology, where construction works are being carried out. The students were briefed to the techniques of good acoustic design, which includes the method of distributing insulating, reflective and sound-diffusing materials to regulate the acoustic properties, as well as the finishing materials details for all levels of the theater.







Presidency of The Architectural Engineering Department, represented by the head of the department (Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Al Youssef), and both the scientific and administrative assistants as well as the heads of the scientific branches met at the meeting hall on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 with the high ranked faculty staff.
During the meeting, an extensive discussion and consultation took place concerning the administrative and scientific affairs of the department, foremost of which is the issue of accreditation of scientific disciplines from the Iraqi Engineering Education Accreditation Council.





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