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The Student ((Zahraa Nassir Hussein Hadi Azzam Alhusseiny) at the Department of Architecture has been granted a master degree of architectural design  on her thesis titled " Morphological Diversity and Recipient Memory: University Buildings Case Study”.

  The discussion was held on Thursday , April 27, 2023 in the  postgraduate study hall in the Department of Architectural  Engineering at the University of Technology.

The study aims to emphasize  the concept of morphology in architecture focusing  on the process of morphology and classification of shapes study at both phenomenal and structural levels within  their reflection on the user and recipient to interact with it and realize its forms, leaving mental images trace that remains entrenched in the  memory.

The study found several levels of morphological diversity affecting the recipient's memory, including complexity at  the level of formal relationships, morphological elements and characteristics, in particular the impact of structured complexity (coherence).

The research's main recommendation was to adopt morphological analysis of existing buildings and demonstrate their impact on the recipient and this so-called reverse engineering.

The discussion committee was headed by Prof.Dr.Abdullah Saadoun Salman ,University of Technology - Department of Architecture , and each of Assistant.Prof. Dr. Zainab Hussein Rauf -Department of Architecture - University of Technology, ,Assistant .Prof .Dr. Noufel Joseph Rizgou - University of Nahrin - Department of Architecture as members .

 The thesis is supervised by Prof. Dr. Asmaa Muhammad Hussein, University of Technology - Department of Architecture.

Our best wishes and  success



Initial warning notice for the fifth stage students,, subject : construction laws



In a blessed Ramadan atmosphere following  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research instructions to set the  postgraduate discussions at night during this month ,the Student Mostafa Tahsin Muslim at Architectural Engineering Department has been granted a doctorate degree on his thesis titled (Urban Complementation),

The discussion was held on Wednesday , April 19, 2023 at 8 P.M,  till 1 A.M at  the postgraduate study hall in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Technology.

The discussion committee was headed by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim , Architectural Engineering –Department- University of Technology, and included as members each of:-


Prof .Dr. Sabih Laftah Farhan- Architectural Engineering Department -University of Wasit  

Assistant .Prof .Dr. Zainab Hussein Rauf, Architectural Engineering Department /University of Technology

Assistant .Prof . Dr Nada Abdul Ma 'in Hassan, Architectural Engineering Department /University of Technology

Assistant .Prof .Dr. Mufeed Ihsan Shawk, Architectural Engineering Department /University of Technology 

. The thesis is supervised by Prof. Dr. Basim Hasan Hashim , Architectural Engineering Department /University of Technology (also as a member)

And Assistant .Prof .Dr. Saad Khudhir  Mahmoud, Architectural Engineering Department /University of Baghdad  (also as a member)


The research was concerned with the concept of urban complementation as strategies to address the problems of deficiency and weakness in urban places in Iraqi cities, as it was applied to global projects and an elected local sample represented (the holy city of Kadhimiya) to complete and fulfill the transformed and future changing systems of the city.




 Final warnings notice for second, fourth and fifth stage students



initial warnings notice for fourth and fifth stage students 

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