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The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology organized an educational tour for

The most outstanding students On Thursday, November 3, 2022, visiting the Central Bank Of Iraq In jadriyah b-Baghdad.

The visit included a close look at the most prominent architectural edifice in the city of Baghdad, as it was designed by the late Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid and implemented by many sober foreign companies, the central bank of Iraq is considered as the highest building in the city with a height of 172 meters.

Where the engineers supervising the project accompanied the students on a tour of the building’s parts, they climbed into the one of the tower’s floors and explained the implementation stages and the details of the connections between the structural, mechanical and electrical systems. The visit concluded with a photo shoot for the groups in front of the tower.









The Student (((Inas Ali))) at the Department of Architecture has been granted master of science degree on her thesis titled ((((Acoustic Techniques Role in Architectural Formation - Schools as A Case Study))

The discussion was held on Sunday, November 6, 2022. At nine A.M, at the postgraduate study hall in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Technology.

The discussion committee was headed by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim and Assistant Prof. Dr. Saad Fawzi Toma, Assistant Prof. Dr. Uday Abas as members.

 The thesis is supervised by.Dr. Qais Abdul Hussein.

The student granted an excellent degree. Our best wishes and success





Lecturer Dr. Mustafa Kamel Kadhem, faculty member in the department of architectural engineering, delivered a lecture entitled “Preliminary Design Idea Formation Aspects” at Al-Isra University - Department of Architecture on Sunday 30, October,2022, we wish him success and success.