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Thursday, 25 May 2023 08:07

"The Role of Nanotechnology in Rehabilitating Existing Buildings" Master Thesis Discussion at Department of Architectural Engineering

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Master Thesis Discussion in the field of architecture technology ttled ("The Role of Nanotechnology in Rehabilitating Existing Buildings".The Student ((Lana Roshan Tariq) at the Department of Architecture has been granted a master degree of urban design on her thesis titled “The Role of Nanotechnology in Rehabilitating Existing Buildings"  .The discussion was held on Sunday , May 21, 2023 in the postgraduate study hall in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Technology.

The study focused on the role of nanotechnology in preserving and rehabilitating heritage buildings by  working on its permanence and prolonging  its life span. The  thesis concluded that nanotechnology has the ability to revolutionize the way we deal with the rehabilitation of heritage and historical buildings, by providing new and innovative ways to preserve and restore our architectural heritage based on its ability to improve the durability of materials and increase their lifespan  as well as  facilitating the rehabilitation and restoration operations, which makes the preservation process more efficient and effective.

-The discussion committee was headed by Professor .Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim   , Department of Architectural Engineering ,University of Technology.

- Assistant Professor .Dr.Saad Fawzi Touma ,Department of Architecture ,College of Engineering , University of Diyala



Sunday, 21 May 2023 07:58

Destination Imagination Competition for Second-stage Students

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The Teaching Staff of Islamic and Arab Architecture in the second stage at the department of architecture  organized a

Destination Imagination Competition entitled "What could the Al-Minārat al-Malwiyyah  "The Twisted Minaret" be if it was not originally a minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra?.

The first three ranks won by the students  (Fatima Abd al-Razak, Batoul Allawi and Zainab Mohammed),

As for the category of using artificial intelligence, the winning students were (Safa Nabil Abdel-Ilah and Ahmed Hassan Kadhim).

Students' imaginations varied from the fact that the brigade is a centre of knowledge communication with other civilizations to being a haven for the human community when presumed environmental disasters occur in the future.

The competition was  held under the supervision of women Dr. Zainab Hussein Rauf , Dr. Ahmed Hashim and Dr. Bilal Samir Ali.


Sunday, 21 May 2023 07:47

Master Thesis Discussion Titled (Exploring Hierarchical Vision In The Contemporary Urban Landscape)

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The Student ((Dhuha Yasir Hamza Al Jothari ) at the Department of Architecture has been granted a master degree of urban design on her thesis titled “Exploring hierarchical vision in the Contemporary Urban Landscape “ .The discussion was held on Sunday , May 14, 2023 in the postgraduate study hall in the Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Technology.

The study focused on clarifying the hierarchical vision of the urban landscape and defining its principles, objectives and methods of achieving this vision within contemporary  urban space.

The research concluded the assessment  of visual sequences and urban drama formation within the local contemporary landscape.

-The discussion committee was headed by Professor .Dr. Amir Shakir Khudhir  ,University of Baghdad , Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

- Assistant Professor Dr. Nada Abdul Mu'in Hassan/Department of Architectural Engineering ,University of Technology.

- Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Jasim Isaa, Department of Architectural Engineering , University of Technology, as members .

The thesis is supervised by Assist. Prof. Dr. mufid Ihsan Shuk , University of Technology, Department of Architecture.



Sunday, 21 May 2023 07:25

Third stage Interior Design gallery

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Third stage Interior Design gallery - Department of Architecture
Project: redesign of university buildings' interior spaces Under the auspices of the Architectural Department,s Head “ Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad”, and the efforts of the design team represented by “Asst. Prof. Dr. Shamael M Wajeeh Al Dabbagh” and staff members (Dr. Aseel Ibrahim, Dr. Nagham Ahmed, lecturer Zahraa Ahmed), the Department of Architecture held an exhibition of third stage students projects as a final show in the interior design subject on Wednesday 5/17/2023, which reflected the outputs of course education represented in solving the design problems for their various aspects ( functional, aesthetic, symbolic, and environmental ) for various interior space types that reflect their impact on the campus users.
Students learned to respond to complex environmental and cultural contexts through design studio projects that explore interior space within a variety of site contexts. the program emphasized creativity, design communication skills, and critical thinking fundamental to the design process, also program aimed to prepare students to act as independent problem-solvers and valuable design-team members.




Sunday, 21 May 2023 07:09

Master Thesis Discussion Titled " Role of Socio-Spatial Dimensions in Space Occupancy Programming "

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On Thursday, 18/5/2023, the Department of Architecture discussed a master's thesis in the field of Architectural Design, " Role of Socio-Spatial Dimensions in Space Occupancy Programming "A Study in Common Spaces of Local Office Buildings in Iraq" by the student (Maryam Hussein Ali), as the thesis focused On the relationship between the architectural programming of existing buildings and the current space occupancy and the role of social-spatial behavior dimensions in this relationship. During the programming process, in addition to determining the degrees of efficiency of the spatial performance of these buildings.
The discussion committee consisted of:
- Prof. Dr. (Abdullah Saadoun Salman) / Department of Architecture - University of Technology..... (Chairman)
- Assistant Professor Dr. (Ahmed Hashem Al-Aqabi) / Department of Architecture - University of Technology.... (Member)
- Dr. (Ahmed Louay Al-Bajari) / Department of Architecture - University of Technology.... (Member)
- Professor Dr. (Asmaa Muhammad Hussain Al-Muqrim) / Department of Architecture - University of Technology .... (Member and Supervisor)



Monday, 15 May 2023 07:36

River Transport Station Project

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Dr. Mustafa Kamel Kadhim delivered on Saturday, 6 of May, 2023 , an intellectual lecture to present the similar examples of the final project in the second semester titled "River transport station" where the project focuses on the specific functions of human activities and the ability to analyze the location within the reflection of this process on the architectural form and proposing alternatives for balancing formal and functional solutions.





Sunday, 14 May 2023 08:10

Civil Defense Committee Participation at the First Aid Course

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The Civil Defense Committee at the department of architecture participated in the First Aid training course held at the University of Technology The course included fire-fighting practices of various kinds, as well as various types of medical aids. The course was  delivered by  specialized trainers.


Wednesday, 10 May 2023 07:13

Fourth International Conference on Sustainable Engineering Applications

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In the light of the scientific research cooperation between universities, the Architectural Engineering Department represented by the faculty  members and  postgraduate students participated at the  4th International Conference for Sustainable engineering applications,.

The conference is due to  be held on 1 0 to 11 of May 2023 along with  IEEE Iraq Branch.

The conference aims to provide a platform for the  academics and professionals to provide the latest results, reviews  and products in the field of sustainability. The conference  also provides an opportunity to hear from both local and international researchers in various engineering fields as they deal with sustainability challenges.







Tuesday, 09 May 2023 07:01

Charity volunteer campaigns

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The Architectural Engineering Department participates in voluntary community campaigns represented by the third stage student (Zeid Aqil) , these campaigns are  made annually and continuously with personal efforts within community activities aimed at doing good deeds , such as visiting  and assisting  orphanages and poor families through organizing food baskets and various educational and commodity requirements. 

These activities raise the awareness of the Department's students about the importance of social service by supporting poor and needy families  of the society.




Sunday, 07 May 2023 06:30

The Great Role Of Interior Architecture Within The Impact Of Interior Design On The Inhabitant

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Dr. Shamila Mohammed Wajeh professor  of Internal Space Design and the  faculty staff  on Tuesday, 2 of May,2023, organized a workshop which included a guidance detailed lecture of the Model industry at the studios of the department  of architecture .

The workshop discussed the mechanism of redesign and renovate  the project of  the interior spaces of the public university buildings, which included (clinic, university library, kindergarten, students’ restaurant, gifted students’ center, Al-Rasheed Bank branch of the University.

The aim of the project is to acknowledge  the student to the great role of Interior Architecture within the impact of interior design on the inhabitant as the contemporary people  spent most of their  time inside homes. 

The workshop is aiming at enabling the students to understand the foundations of interior design and how to deal with the design problems of internal spaces in terms of functional , aesthetic, symbolic environmental, and facilities aspects.


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