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Sunday, 21 November 2021 09:33

Honoring the top ranked students for the academic year 2020-2021

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 The head of the Department of Architecture, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad, honored on Thursday, 11/18/2021, undergraduate students of the academic year 2020-2021, within the  presence of the department’s administrative assistant, Dr. Ahmed Talib and Dr. Huda Salman the student activities unit director ,.

The top students were honored with certificates of appreciation for their outstanding and tireless efforts throughout the previous academic year.

In light of the department’s orientation towards evaluating and developing the educational process in order to keep up with  the developments of the global and regional educational reality in line with the department’s desire to follow international standards for the adoption of its educational programs, this elite of students was directed towards providing the department with their objective vision on their evaluation of the department and the educational process from three perspectives   :

The first aspect: the extent to which the department’s infrastructure requirements are appropriate, such as spaces, equipment, an internal and external environment that is appropriate to the requirements of the student and the educational process.

The second aspect: the extent to which the educational process fulfills the requirements of the architecture specialization, the skills they have acquired and the ways to develop, their observations about the nature of the relationship between the syllabus and the process of explaining the necessary information and the skills appropriate to apply this information.

The third aspect: The possibility of benefiting and participating in the development of the department’s future vision through the importance of opening different specializations and not relying on a single specialization because of its benefit in diversifying future job opportunities for the graduate, especially if the academic programs are designed according to international quality accreditation standards.

May God guide them to serve our country, Iraq, and to improve the quality of architectural study in general. The top ranked students for the academic year 2020-2021 are:

The first stage

1_ Zaid Khaled Jassim

2_Ali Ziyad Khalaf

3_ Rania Ahmed Abdel Karim

The second stage

1_ Joan Hamed Abdel Redha

2_ Musa Jamal Jalil

3_ Fatima Hamed Khalif

third stage

1_ Manar Nazih Samir

2_ Esraa Mohamed Mahmoud

3_ Mustafa Haitham Muhammad

The fourth stage

1_ Umm Al-Baneen Ali Shaker

2_ Fatima Salman Daoud

3_ Athraa  Ahmed Abbas

Five stage

1_ Fadia Muhammad Mahdi

2_ Zainab Fayez Saleh

3- Fatima Dhiaa Hassan















Sunday, 21 November 2021 08:14

Master Thesis Discussion Titled ((Fashion And Architecture: The Participatory Relationship Between Fashion And Architecture)

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The Student (((Wassan Jawad Obaid))) at the Department of Architecture has been granted Master of science degree on her thesis titled (Fashion and architecture: the participatory relationship between fashion and architecture
The discussion was held on Tuesday, 16/11/2021 at nine A.M, at the postgraduate study hall in the Department of Architectural  Engineering at the University of Technology.

The discussion committee was headed by prof. Dr. Asmaa Muhamed Husein  and included each of Assistant Prof. Dr.Haitham Abdulhusein Ali ,Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Talib Hameed  , as members The thesis is supervised by Assistant Prof .Dr. Mahdi Salih Faraj Al-Atabi












Thursday, 18 November 2021 08:24

Dr. Venus' participation in a symposium on sustainable development and the identity of Iraqi local architecture.

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Dr. Venus Suleiman Akef, a faculty member in the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology, participated in a panel discussion held by Al Furat Al Awsat Technical University in Najaf under the title “ Sustainable Development and the Identity of Iraqi Local community” on 3/11/2021 to discuss the importance of preserving the local architectural identity , the state of deterioration and visual pollution awareness, the absence of planning in recent years and the possibility of advancing our local architecture  , activating the goals of sustainable development in our Iraqi cities and linking with the United Nations agenda for the year 2030 by strengthening the identity of local architecture.

Dr. Venus discussed the first item of the symposium, which is about the sustainable development goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030 for  Iraq heritage and contemporary.

The second item in the symposium related to the transformations in the identity of the Iraqi local architecture, while the third and fourth items dealt with techniques and building materials in the Iraqi city through the past to the  present, then it concluded by discussing  the legislation and building laws.

The symposium was attended by the President of the University of Technology and his assistants, a number of the deans of colleges , the Director of Media and Government Communication in Najaf Governorate, and a number of the media of the specialized professors, as well as the engineering staff and students  in the formations of the university. The discussions dealt with an extensive discussion of the topics submitted  in the symposium.

Similar to this symposium, prospects for scientific and cultural cooperation were discussed, a joint scientific and cultural memorandum of understanding was signed between the two universities - University of Technology and Al Furat Al Awsat Technical University - which included cooperation in the fields of research, scientific publishing, exchange of experiences, scientific and research advice, joint supervision and participation in activities at all possible levels. 








Wednesday, 17 November 2021 07:50

The President Of The University's Football Championship Inauguration

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The University of Technology inaugurated the President of the University of Technology Football Championship on Monday 11/15/2021. The opening of the tournament began with the recitation of Surat Al-Fatihah, mercy be upon our righteous martyrs souls . The  participating teams from  the scientific departments were exhibited . Our department participated in this parade , expressing their sportsmanship and loyalty to the department.

This was followed by a football match between the female students of Al-Isra University College and the female students of the University of Technology, the match ended with the victory of the University of Technology team.








Wednesday, 17 November 2021 07:40

One of the pioneers,The professor Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Ali, visited the Department of Architecture

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The Department of Architecture was honored by The professor  Dr. Khalil Al-Ali visit  on Monday 8/11/2021.

During this visit, there was a great welcome filled with joy and pride by the department’s presidency, the faculty  members  and the employees. Dr. Khalil toured the department’s studious  and its classes , he was impressed by new  arrangements  for new academic year and praised the developments that took place in the department’s scientific and administrative spaces.

Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Ali is one of the founders of the Department of Architecture from 1977, and he held the position of Head of the Department from 2003 to 2012.








Monday, 15 November 2021 07:40

Department of Architecture Students preparations for the President Cup of the University Championship.

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The Student Activities Department sets up a training unit for the students of our department as part of the preparations for the Football President's Cup. This preparation is under the supervision of Dr. Huda Muhammad Suleiman, Student Activities unit director  in the Department of Architecture.

Our dear students showed great enthusiasm and efforts in a spirit of sport full of optimism to practice their hobbies without negligence in their academic study, wishing them to win the cup.





Thursday, 11 November 2021 08:37

Voluntary campaign for the Fourth Stage students

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The students of the fourth stage at the department of architectural engineering carried out a voluntary campaign to clean and rearrange the sketching  halls as  attendance  study begins. The  students consider this campaign as  a factor in  interaction and study  the design subject. This is an evidence of their cooperation and their sense of responsibility towards their department  , as the student spends approximately five practical  studying  hours inside the studio.

We wish our dear students good health and success in their academic study.




Sunday, 31 October 2021 09:09

A Scientific Tour For The Fourth Stage At The Department Of Architectural Engineering Within The Subjects Of Architectural And Urban Design.

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Students of the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology visited on Wednesday (10/27/2020) the area located  between Bab Al Muadham Bridge and Al Shuhada Bridge as part of a scientific tour for the fourth grade students as part of the requirements of the urban design project for fourth stage students. This visit is a part of the annual activities of the Department of Engineering Architecture as an initiative of spreading the spirit of cooperation between the students, acknowledging  them to the requirements of the labor market, increasing their scientific and professional experience  in their field of academic specialization within the annual plan of the department, which aims to raise and addition to enhancing  their capabilities in architecture and urban design.

The tour  was supervised by the fourth stage professors

Prof.Dr . Wahda Shukur  Mahmoud

Assistant.Prof.Dr. Rawaa Fawzy Naoum

Assistant.Prof..Dr. Nada Abdel Moeen Hassan

Lecturer Dr. Haider Jassim Issa

Lecturer .Dr.Lina Ghanim Yaqoub

Lecturer .Dr Ban Jalil Taher


































Saturday, 23 October 2021 15:01

Dr.Wahda Shukor Mahmood Granted A Promotion To The Title Of Professor

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Dr.Wahda Shukor Mahmood granted a promotion to the title of professor .

 The Presidency of the Department of Architecture congratulates Dr.Wahda Shukor Mahmood on her promotion wishing her more success in a way that serves our department and our university.



































Monday, 13 September 2021 10:44

The President of the University of Technology granted a certificate of appreciation to a visiting professor in the department of architecture

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The President of the University of Technology granted a certificate of appreciation to a visiting professor in the department of architecture


The President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban granted a certificate of appreciation to a visiting professor in the department of architecture,Prof. Dr.Jalah Mohamed Hassan Al-Makhzoumi, was awarded on Sunday 12/9/2021 a commemorative symbol of the university in addition to  a certificate of appreciation for winning the first award of excellence for women in architecture and construction, where it was awarded the award for her efforts in developing the architecture profession and the architectural community in Iraq, wishing her continued excellence and giving in the service of the scientific process in our country. The honor  prize was received by Dr. Rawa Fawzy on behalf of Dr.Jalah Al- Makhzoumi.


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