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Monday, 06 May 2024 08:30

Organizing a scientific visit for the department’s students and professors to the construction site of both the Al-Rawan Residential Complex and the Al-Rataj Residential Complex

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For a short period, under the supervision of the Head of the Architectural Engineering Department, the
respected Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad, A scientific visit was organized for the department’s students
and professors to the construction site of both the Al-Rawan residential complex (multi-storey) and the
Al-Rataj residential complex (individual buildings) in Baghdad / Al-Jihad neighborhood area, on
Thursday, 4/4/2024, to follow up on the designs and construction details in a way that contributes to
enriching the students’ practical experience. 
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Saturday, 30 March 2024 20:08

Final submission of a house project for a former ambassador - second stage

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 On Sunday, March 24, 2024, the final submission was made for the students of the second stage of the
project, “A House Design Project for a Former Ambassador.” The project aimed to provide privacy that
combines luxury, security, and daily functions, taking into account a detailed study of the various
elements that make up the project, the spatial distribution of residential spaces, and how to connect
them to spaces attached to the, using modern technology for safety, and comfort and achieving the
highest levels of luxury, such as artificial intelligence systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). The house
includes the living quarters of the family consisting of the ambassador, his wife, his daughter, and two
residential annexes for the family of his two newly married sons. The house also includes an office and
multiple spaces for guests and meetings to facilitate diplomatic communication.
The design team was represented by distinguished ladies and gentlemen:
Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Louay Ahmed Al-Bajari / Head of the Architectural Design Branch and responsible
for the second stage staff
Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Jassim Issa / Head of the Urban Design Division
Assistant Professor Dr. Younis Mahmoud Muhammad Salim
Lecturer Dr. Lahib Abdel Hussein
Lecturer Dr. Zainab Abdel Hadi
Lecturer Dr. Ban Jalil Tahir
Lecturer Dr. Ghada Ghaleb Abdel Wahab
Lecturer Dr. Lubna Rahim Turki
Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Rashid
Assistant lecturer Orans Abdel Wahed
Assistant lecturer Ahmed Mahdi
Assistant lecturer Mohaimen Bassem
Assistant lecturer Sahar Riad 
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Saturday, 30 March 2024 20:06

Final submission for first-stage students

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On Saturday, 3/16/2024, the final presentation of the exercise to develop the student’s skills in
analyzing and forming three-dimensional shapes took place, while dealing with a simplified function,
since the formation is located in an open area representing a gathering for the public.
The teaching staff for the first stage represents:
Lecturer Dr. Mustafa Kamel - responsible
Assistant Professor Dr. Barizat Qasim
Assistant Professor Dr. Aseel Ibrahim
Lecturer Dr. Bashar Shamil
Lecturer Dr. Mustafa Khudair
Assistant lecturer Vian Abdul Basir
Assistant lecturer Enas Ali Salman
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Saturday, 30 March 2024 20:03

Discussion of a master’s thesis - specialization in architectural technology

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On Monday, March 18, 2024, the master’s thesis by researcher Hoda Abdel Latif Hamoudi, entitled “Coexistence in
Architecture: A Specialized Study of the Mechanisms of Technological Coexistence in Existing Hospitals,” was
discussed. The thesis aimed to reveal knowledge about the concept of coexistence in general and mechanisms
applied in architecture at the design level and its impact on the different levels in terms of blocks and facades and
the connection between the old and the new when added through the principle of symbiotic coexistence and its
applications in contemporary architecture. The thesis concluded that coexistence is a strategy for preserving
existing buildings, especially buildings of moral and economic value, in a way that serves the needs of human life,
the development of the technological aspect, and the relationship of structural formations over time, and that the
product formed from coexistence has distinctive and new features through the relative variation in the elements
of the facades or Materials used to create a distinction between old and new.

The discussion committee consisted of distinguished ladies and gentlemen:
Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kazem ...... Chairman
Assistant Professor Dr. Sajida Kazem Aliwi....... Member
Assistant Professor Dr. Enas Salem Abdel-Ahad......Member
Professor Dr. Bassem Hassan Al-Majidi...member and supervisor

Professor Dr. Ahmed Hashim Al-Aqabi...member and supervisor
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Saturday, 30 March 2024 19:59

One of the students of the Department of Architecture won the Diwan Competition “Designing Dakir Island in Basra”

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The student (Ali Ziyad) in the fourth stage won an honorary place as part of a team in the Diwan
competition, “Designing Dakir Island in Basra,” and won the Excellence Award for his architectural
The Department of Architecture congratulates the student on his victory and wishes him more creativity
and success in his academic and practical career.
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Monday, 18 March 2024 07:24

The Department of Architecture qualified in the international architectural competition “Designing a Monument to the Events of Nuclear Tests”

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The two students, Ali Ziyad and Aisha Shabib, qualified in the fourth stage among the list of 50
nominated designs to win the international architectural competition, “Designing a Monument to the
Events of Nuclear Testing.”
It is noteworthy that the competition aims to embody the nuclear testing disaster in the Nevada desert
that shook the world.
The two students’ design focused on evoking the idea of light emerging from the center of the
monument as a symbol of hope and development towards a rapid, open era. The appearance of the
monument came to express respect for the privacy of the land and the traces left in it, as it was treated
as a trace of the experiences that had occurred and not covered up and considered as a witness to our
current era. The corridor connected to the road represented an embodiment of the difficulties and
crises that occurred as a result of these experiences and the lives that were lost as a result of reaching
scientific facts that help us continue in life and reach experiences of value to humanity.
The Department of Architecture (chairmanship and staff) congratulates the two student architects on
their qualification to win and wishes them an architectural future full of creative achievements.

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Monday, 18 March 2024 07:19

A scientific trip for first-year students

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Under the auspices and presence of the Head of the Department, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kazem,
and the teaching staff for the first stage, a scientific visit took place on Saturday, 3/16/2024, to the
Baghdad International Fair to learn about the exhibition spaces, as well as to learn about aspects of
expanding students’ understanding of preparation for the project in the subject of architectural design,
tagged “Pavilion Design.” at the Baghdad Exhibition” and to prepare to participate in the Diwan
Architecture Award for “Designing the Iraq Pavilion for a World Exhibition to be Held at the Baghdad
International Exhibition,” which will be held in the Sultanate of Oman.
The Director General of the Iraqi General Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services, Dr. Mustafa
Al-Ani, and Engineer Enas Hamid, Director of the Technical Department of the company, provided
detailed explanations that explained many of the design aspects of the exhibition spaces and a
background on its origins and the most prominent activities held in it.

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Monday, 18 March 2024 07:16

Organizing an afforestation campaign and activity (manufacturing and disseminating seed incubators) on the occasion of National Afforestation Day

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 Under the patronage of the Honorable Head of the Department of Architecture, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad
Kazem, and in compliance with the directives of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Higher Education
and Scientific Research, and coinciding with National Planting Day, the Voluntary Works Committee in
the Department of Architectural Engineering organized a planting campaign for gardens near the
department building and an activity (manufacture and dissemination of seed incubators) as part of the
University of Technology’s activities on the occasion of National Planting Day.
The campaign was completed with the participation of the department’s professors and students and
under the supervision of the Assistant Head of the Department for Administrative Affairs, Lecturer Dr.
Yahya Adel Ibrahim, the Head of the Architectural Design Branch, Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Louay Ahmed, and
the Voluntary Works Committee headed by Assistant Prof. Dr. Rawaa Fawzi Naoum and with the
assistance of the Agriculture Unit in Department of Diwan Affairs at the university.
Types of trees, shrubs and flowers suitable for the local environment were selected and planted. As for
seed incubators, it is an idea that involves preparing a mixture of clay soil, natural fertilizers and a
mixture of plant seeds and forming them into balls that are dried in the sun so that they are ready to be
spread and thrown in any arable area.
After the completion of 200 seed incubators, they were distributed to the department’s professors,
employees, and students, and we hope to continue to spread the plants and increase green spaces in
the buildings and squares of the city of Baghdad.
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Wednesday, 13 March 2024 09:35

A scientific and cultural trip for second and fourth stage students

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On Thursday, March 7, 2024, the Department of Architecture Engineering, in cooperation with the
management of theIraqi Pure Team and Heritage Preservation Team, to preserve antiquities and
heritage, and under the supervision of members of the teaching staff, a scientific and cultural trip was
organized for the students of the second and fourth stages to the landmarks of Islamic architecture,
which included (the Abbasid Palace - Al-Mustansiriya School - the House of Wisdom - the Governor’s
Palace on the banks of the Tigris). The scientific trip is an activity in support of the Building Installation
course, where the students learned about roofing and the local building style using local materials, in
addition to supporting the Islamic Architecture course, where the students learned about the
foundations and features of the Abbasid Islamic style and its detailed foundations.
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Wednesday, 13 March 2024 09:32

Scientific Trip for Fourth Stage Students

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On Monday, February 26, 2024, the Department of Architectural Engineering, under the supervision of
the head of the outdoor spaces design subject (Assistant Professor Dr. Rawaa Fawzi Naoum) and with
the participation of a number of the department’s teachers , organized a field scientific visit for fourth-
year students to the Baghdad International Fair with the aim of seeing the site and the exhibition
pavilions and the external spaces. The visit also included a detailed explanation by the specialist
engineer in the Design Division about the exhibition’s requirements for spaces and events, and an
overview of the exhibition pavilions and their construction details. This activity comes within the efforts
of the department and its teaching staff to expand students’ horizons and because of its benefit in
linking theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge on the ground.
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