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Tuesday, 28 December 2021 05:34

Master Thesis Discussion Titled ((The Role Of Personalizing The Place In The Identity Of Residential Neighborhoods)

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The Student (((Zahra Muhammad Ali Abboud))) at the Department of Architecture has been granted Master of science degree on her thesis titled (The Role Of Personalizing The Place In The Identity Of Residential Neighborhoods)

Master Thesis Discussion Titled ((The Role Of Personalizing The Place In The Identity Of Residential Neighborhoods)

The Student (((Zahra Muhammad Ali Abboud))) at the Department of Architecture has been granted Master of science degree on her thesis titled (The Role Of Personalizing The Place In The Identity Of Residential Neighborhoods)

















Tuesday, 28 December 2021 05:32

The Department of Architecture granted the second rank in the Chess Championship

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  The team of the Department of Architecture for the female students ranked  the second in their chess team in the championship of the President of the University of Technology Cup.

The student, Qabas Mustafa, won the second place for female students, congratulations for this achievement to  the Department of Architecture. The competition is Supervised by Dr. Hoda Mohamed Suleiman, Student Activities Director .














Monday, 27 December 2021 09:40

Department of Architectural Engineering council meeting

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The department council held a meeting on Tuesday 21st of December 2021 with the faculty  members of the stages  Students' affairs and their preparation within the academic study, the teaching  of the curricula and the activation of the role of cultural activities for students were discussed 












Tuesday, 21 December 2021 09:38

A welcoming meeting for new first-stage students

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A welcoming meeting took place  for the new students of the first stage On Sunday, December 19, 2021, by the head of the department, Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Jawad, and each of the Scientific Assistant Dr. Mufid Ihsan, the Administrative Assistant  Dr. Ahmed Talib, the Head of the Architectural Design Branch Dr. Ahmed Louay, the Head of the Urban Design Branch Dr. Nada Abdel Moeen, the first stage director Dr. Mostafa Kamil, and the Director of Registration unit , Assistant Lecturer  Zahraa Ahmed, and Dr. Huda Salman, director  of  psychological and educational guidance and student activities unit, in addition to the  number of faculty members  of the first stage.

They were welcomed to join the department  family, which considered  as their second home. In the meeting , the relationship between the student and the professor in general and within the department in particular with regard to the nature of teaching in architecture and the need to communicate and interact with the professor was discussed  as well as their desires for their central acceptance in collages . They were also given an introduction to how to study and teach architecture, the tools and supplies that students need in architecture Wishing them a year full of success and knowledge





Wednesday, 15 December 2021 07:53

Participation In The International Scientific Workshop

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Within our department’s participation in international scientific activities , Dr. Yihya Adel Ibrahim, one of the faculty member in the department of architecture  engineering participated as one of the trainers in the international workshop (Liveable Passive Intelligent Cities) organized in Amman by Brighton University (United Kingdom) and Petra University (Jordan) under the auspices of (British Council). The workshop aims to train a new generation of researchers in urban sustainability issues in addition to sustainable development, energy efficiency, and the environmental impact of buildings , the methods analysis development  and problem identification with a special focus on developing countries in order to spread the culture of the importance of sustainable design and strategies for energy conservation. Dr. Yahya Adel Ibrahim submitted his lecture entitled:” Sustainable Building Design: Integrated Facade Systems “His experience in this field is a part of his doctoral study entitled “Integrated Façade Systems for Highly- to Fully Glazed Office Buildings in Hot and Arid Climates”

He also reviewed a summary of his research in this field to benefit from and disseminate it in countries with similar and different climatic regions alike.

The workshop concluded  with honoring the trainers with a certificate of appreciation.





Sunday, 12 December 2021 09:49

An awareness Lecture Entitled Volunteering and Student Behavior Relevance With Personality

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The Student Education and Psychological Counseling unit in the Architectural Engineering Department hosts on Thursday, December 9, 2021,

 an awareness lecture entitled " Volunteering and Student Behavior relevance with Personality”. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Faris Abbas Fadhel, the director of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division at University of Technology in the presence of the administrative assistant of the department Dr. Ahmed Talib ,  faculty members and students. This lecture is part of a series of educational and awareness lectures that will be delivered by Dr. Firas in the future to  the students of the department in order to help them acquiring  personal behaviors that help them to overcome the obstacles and psychological pressures they face, whether inside or outside the university, in order to reach a balanced and psychologically sound personality to serve and build the nation.





Sunday, 12 December 2021 09:42

Architectural Engineering Scoring First Rank For Table Tennis

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The assistant of the president of the university, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid Karim, on behalf of the president of the university, honored the winning teams in the tournaments of the president’s championship on Wednesday  December  8/2021. The female student team of the Department of Architecture for table tennis won the first rank, the student Harir Muthanna from the fifth stage granted  the first rank  among  to all the players from all participating teams in table tennis for female students.

 The honoring ceremony  was attended by a group of heads of departments, including the head of the Department of Architecture, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhem, the scientific assistant Dr. Mofeed Ihsan Shouk, and the administrative assistant, Dr. Ahmed Talib Hamid.




Sunday, 12 December 2021 09:34

Final Submission for the School of Music and Ballet Project

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On Monday ,December 6, 20212021, students of the third stage presented their first project in the architectural design subject, which is the design of a school for music and ballet under the supervision of Prof. Abdullah Sadoun Salman, Head of the Teaching Team for Architectural Design.

The project aiming  to introduce the student to projects of a specialized functional purpose , as well as linking the structural with the philosophical and aesthetic aspects, as well as developing the structural side dealing with and the kinetic side horizontally and vertically.

During this period, a series of events and lectures in support of this event  were included

Under the conditions of the Corona pandemic and according to health directives, the stage was divided into four groups

Group A. Under the supervision of Assistant.Prof.Dr. Zainab Hussain

Group B under the supervision of Dr. Venus Salman

Group C under the supervision of Assistant.Prof.Dr Shamael Muhammad

Group D under the supervision of Dr. Sura  Qasim




Thursday, 09 December 2021 09:18

Artwork by students was inspired by the late Professor Dr. Miqdad Al-Jawadi

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 The students of the fifth stage in the Department of Architecture for the academic year 2020-2021, as part of their graduation ceremony, performed an artwork depicting the late Professor Dr.   Miqdad Al-Jawadi as an expression of their loyalty and appreciation for what they were inspired by his scientific and moral values, his great love for his students, and his high devotion to his profession

 The creative student Ali Jamal formed the artistic painting and divided it in a creative way into forty parts, and made his fellow students install the parts at  the graduation ceremony in order to make all the students contribute to the formation of this painting expressing their gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Al-Jawadi

 The department congratulates its students for this loyal spirit, asking God to guide them in their professional lives after graduation

Wednesday, 08 December 2021 07:23

Architectural Department students competed for the Excellence Award

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Five students from the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology qualified among the 100 final projects in the competitions for the Excellence Award for International Graduation Projects for the  academic year 2021.

The department congratulates the following  four students, wishing them to win the highest ranks.

Fadia Muhammad Mahdi

Fatima Dhiaa Hassan

Zina Munthir Salman

Haura Essam Abdel Hussein

Mna zadun khudair.

The department congratulates the tireless efforts and dedication of the distinguished professors who have contributed enabling students to improve  their creative levels and the quality of their architectural projects.

Professor  Dr. Abbas Ali Kreiza

Assistant professor Dr. Shamail Mohammed Al-Dabbagh

Assistant professor Dr.. Khansa Ghazi Rashid

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