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Activities of the Energy Sustainability Rationalization Committee Featured

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Following the directions of the ministry of  Higher Education and Scientific Research and the presidency of the university instructions on Energy rationing Sustainability,  the head of the department supervised  the Energy Sustainability and rationing  Committee headed by Dr. Younis Mahmud  following  a number of procurers  and awareness activities regarding energy sustainability and rationalization sector, including:

  • A scientific visit to the Renewable Energy Center at Baghdad International Fair.
  • The implication of (aspects of energy rationalization) and (energy efficient buildings) in the architecture and climatic environment syllabus of the third stage, the urban climatic environment in the fourth stage syllabus, and climatic environment design for post graduate studies syllabus / master  in both architecture technology and architectural design sections.


  • Designing of about 100 posters on energy rationalization by third stage, students in the architectural design subject, in addition to the students of the second stage in presentation subject. The department participated in a number of these posters in the exhibition held by the university energy rationalization committee in the theater hall at the University of Technology on 21/5/2019.

These activities were the implementation procedures for the recommendations made at the meetings of the energy sustainability and the rationalization committee at the university of technology for the purpose of discussing (implementation plan of national media strategies for energy rationalization in coordination with the Iraqi universities), which was presented by the Ministry of Electricity since 2016.




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