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A scientific trip (Educational Tour) for the third-stage students- Department of Architecture Featured

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The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology, represented by both (Professor Dr.
Safaa Al-Din Al-Samarrai and Assistant Professor Dr. Khansaa Ghazi Rashid) organized an educational
tour for the third stage students (architectural and urban branches) On Thursday, November 16,
2023, to visit the Iraqi Museum in Al-Alawi area, with the aim of introducing the students to all design
aspects, construction, and infrastructure for the exhibition halls in preparation for the start of the
second project “The Design of the International Cultural Center for Antiquities and Architectural
Heritage”, which focuses on creating a global attraction point that opens horizons for the exchange
and display of archaeological and heritage collections around the world and represents the
international museum system and those concerned with preservation and heritage globally.
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