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Drug addiction, the world of pink death Featured

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 Drug addiction, the world of pink death
In the presence of the Head of the Architectural Engineering Department (Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad
Kadhim), the Scientific Assistant (Assistant Professor Dr. Mufid Ihsan Al-Shouk), and with the efforts of
the Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit, a qualitative lecture was delivered on
Thursday 14 December 2023. The lecture was delivered by (Professor Dr. Khaled Hantoush) at the
College of Arts - Department of Sociology - University of Baghdad, entitled (Drug Addiction, the World of
Pink Death) and the Drugs' negative impact on society
The lecture included highlighting several topics, the most important of which is a comprehensive
explanation of the reasons that drive young people to resort to drug abuse and how to overcome those
reasons, as well as a detailed explanation of the types of drugs and their dangers, how to deal with
addicted people, treatment methods in addition to psychological rehabilitation.
The lecturer suggested methods of using the architectural designs to build rehabilitation centers and
hospitals with green spaces that help in overcoming the psychological pressures that young people
suffer from, whether they are in the stage of recovery from addiction or before, which may help
eliminate and get rid of this phenomenon
The symposium concluded with the head of the department granting the lecturer a letter of thanks and
appreciation for the valuable information, with the hope of continuing to discuss this subject in
subsequent lectures to educate students about what contributes to drug addiction to eliminating this
phenomenon that threatens society in all its aspects.
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