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Doctorate Dissertation Discussion Titled Civilizational Resistance Of Cities: The Old City Of Mosul As A Case Study Featured

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The researcher (Iqbal Salem Younis Abdel Baqi) at the Department of
Architecture has been granted a doctorate degree for her dissertation titled
“Civilizational Resistance of Cities: The Old City of Mosul as a case study.
The discussion was held on Monday, October 30, 2023, in the Department of
Architectural Engineering at the University of Technology.

The research focused on the process of cultural resistance; Its causes, types,
principles, mechanisms, stages, dimensions, goals, and formulas.
The research aims to explore the role of the relationship between the heritage
building information modeling technology, its library, and model 3 (D-HBIM
presentation, The Assembly's memory levels, dimensions, and curricula in the
continuity of cultural memory, the achievement of cultural identity and the
strengthening of the identity and visibility of the place have brought its past to the
present, adapted and resilient to the future.

The thesis found the effectiveness of the methodology adopted in archiving and
disseminating cultural heritage places in general and in the city of Mosul in
particular and its possible adoption in the process of documentation and
preservation of cultural memory locally and internationally..

The discussion committee was headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Ali Hamza,
Architectural Engineering Department- University of Technology,
- Professor Dr. Abdullah Saadoun Salman, Department of Architectural
Engineering - University of Technology., as a Member.
- Professor Dr Ahmed Abdel-Ali Rasheed ,as a Member.
- Assistant Professor Dr. Rana Mazen Mahdi ,as a Member
- Assistant Professor Dr. Zuhair Abdel Adhim Abbas,as a Member.

The thesis is supervised by Professor Dr.Wahda Shukur Alhinkawi (also as a
member}, Department of Architectural Engineering - University of Technology.
- Professor Dr. Sabih Lafteh Farhan (also as a member}
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