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Destination Imagination Competition for Second-stage Students Featured

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The Teaching Staff of Islamic and Arab Architecture in the second stage at the department of architecture  organized a

Destination Imagination Competition entitled "What could the Al-Minārat al-Malwiyyah  "The Twisted Minaret" be if it was not originally a minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra?.

The first three ranks won by the students  (Fatima Abd al-Razak, Batoul Allawi and Zainab Mohammed),

As for the category of using artificial intelligence, the winning students were (Safa Nabil Abdel-Ilah and Ahmed Hassan Kadhim).

Students' imaginations varied from the fact that the brigade is a centre of knowledge communication with other civilizations to being a haven for the human community when presumed environmental disasters occur in the future.

The competition was  held under the supervision of women Dr. Zainab Hussein Rauf , Dr. Ahmed Hashim and Dr. Bilal Samir Ali.


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