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The Development of the Omani Eco - House Environmental Project At Sultan Qaboos University Featured

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Department of Architectural Engineering  hosted On Sunday  Oct 23, 2022 a lecture   delivered by Prof. Dr. Prof. Awni Shabaan  research and design team leader at At Sultan Qaboos University-.The lecture entitled “The development of Oman-Eco-House Environmental Project “.

  During the lecture, the professor  discussed the following aspects:

  • Part-1: Innovations in Sultan Qaboos University Eco-house
  • 1-Respond to climatic
  • 2-Sustainable location
  • 3-Optimization of building from
  • 4-Double-shell total system, 
  • 5-Optimization of thermal properties,
  • Sustainable building material,
  • 6-Sustainable landscape to improve site microclimatic, 
  • 7-Cooling effects by natural ventilation
  • 8- Water fountain
  • 9-Power saving and PV electric power
  • 10-Water saving and grey water treatment
  • 11-Illumination by fat Reflectors
  • 12-Assessment by LEED rating system.
  • Part-2 The prospects of Sultan Qaboos University Eco-house
  • 1-Public Outreach
  • 2-Curriculum of Sustainable building design
  • 3-Hub of research and development

The lecture was attended by professors from the Department of Architecture, professors from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering.



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