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A Visit to the new building of the Iraqi House Foundation for Creativity Featured

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Members of the Graduate follow up Unit in our department and a group of third – stage students visited the new building of the Iraqi House Foundation for Creativity in Baghdad. The building is an architectural design that combines heritage and contemporary that achieves absent design unity in most buildings and areas of the capital at present.

During the visit, students met the architect Haider Al - Hashimi, the designer of the project and the architect in charge of the site. Within this meeting, Students are recognized   project’s role program and how to build a design idea and transforming it into a distinctive building and spaces that meet the children's multiple needs of educational, creative, and housing spaces in addition to the health care facilities. They also discussed the most important implementation challenges and skills that the architect must have to communicate with all the specialist fields responsible for establishing the building.

The visit concluded with congratulations to the employments on the new building and wishes for continued service to Iraqi society.



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