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A welcoming meeting for new first-stage students Featured

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A welcoming meeting took place  for the new students of the first stage On Sunday, December 19, 2021, by the head of the department, Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Jawad, and each of the Scientific Assistant Dr. Mufid Ihsan, the Administrative Assistant  Dr. Ahmed Talib, the Head of the Architectural Design Branch Dr. Ahmed Louay, the Head of the Urban Design Branch Dr. Nada Abdel Moeen, the first stage director Dr. Mostafa Kamil, and the Director of Registration unit , Assistant Lecturer  Zahraa Ahmed, and Dr. Huda Salman, director  of  psychological and educational guidance and student activities unit, in addition to the  number of faculty members  of the first stage.

They were welcomed to join the department  family, which considered  as their second home. In the meeting , the relationship between the student and the professor in general and within the department in particular with regard to the nature of teaching in architecture and the need to communicate and interact with the professor was discussed  as well as their desires for their central acceptance in collages . They were also given an introduction to how to study and teach architecture, the tools and supplies that students need in architecture Wishing them a year full of success and knowledge





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