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An awareness Lecture Entitled Volunteering and Student Behavior Relevance With Personality Featured

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The Student Education and Psychological Counseling unit in the Architectural Engineering Department hosts on Thursday, December 9, 2021,

 an awareness lecture entitled " Volunteering and Student Behavior relevance with Personality”. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Faris Abbas Fadhel, the director of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Division at University of Technology in the presence of the administrative assistant of the department Dr. Ahmed Talib ,  faculty members and students. This lecture is part of a series of educational and awareness lectures that will be delivered by Dr. Firas in the future to  the students of the department in order to help them acquiring  personal behaviors that help them to overcome the obstacles and psychological pressures they face, whether inside or outside the university, in order to reach a balanced and psychologically sound personality to serve and build the nation.





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