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A sterilization campaign before starting the attendance exams Featured

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A sterilization campaign before starting the attendance exams

Under the patronage of the University Presidency and in the supervision of the
Administrative Assistant of the Department of Architect Engineering , Dr. Mahdi Saleh
Al-Atabi.The Department of Architecture has been sterilized , in cooperation with the
Director General of Karrada Municipality, Mr. Samir Rahim Al-Azerjawi,. This
campaign has been completed on the vacation day before the final exam date scheduled
for Saturday 7/24/2021.
The aim of this campaign is to prepare a healthy conditions for conducting exams under
Corona pandemic condition, we wish all the students, professors and the employment of
the department fine health and wellness, may God protect them from the consequences
of this epidemic.
The department thanks and appreciate the efforts of the maintenance unit staff for
cleaning and preparing the department to receive students for the attendance exams









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