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Gratitude And Appreciation To The Faculty Members Of The Architectural Engineering Department Featured

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Architectural Engineering Department presidency congratulates the faculty members of
the architectural department for granted a letter of gratitude and appreciation from the
University president, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Al-Ghabban, for publishing their
research in Scopus containers
Prof. Dr. Ali Mohsen Jaafar
Prof. Dr. Asma Muhammad Hussein
Prof. Sanaa Satia Abbas
Prof. Dr. Anwar Sobhi Ramadhan
Prof. Dr. Khansa Ghazi Rashid
Prof. Dr.Wihda Shukr Al-Hanakawi
Dr. Uday Abbas Abboud
Dr. Enas Salem
Dr. Rana Mazen Mahdi
Wishing them more success to serve our department and our beloved university



































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