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Sixth Session Convention of the Architectural Engineering Department Council Featured

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he Department of architecture council held sixth Session on Monday 1/03/2021. The Head of the Architectural Engineering Department, Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jawad inaugurated  the session by welcoming the new members of the Department’s Council; the Head of the Architectural Design Branch, Dr. Ahmed Loai Ahmed, and the Head of the Urban Design Branch,Dr. Nada Abdel-Muin Hassan for assigning   their duties at the presidency of the two branches.

During the meeting, The agenda submitted by  of the scientific committee and the agenda of the postgraduate studies committee was reviewed and discussed, in addition to the most important directives received from the last University Council. The head and members of the examination committee were hosted during the session and deliberated on the subject of examinations as well as the department’s plan for  the first semester exam  preparations for both under and postgraduate studies for the current academic year within the directives and regulations received from the Ministry of higher education and the University presidency .




































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