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Gathering In Condemnation Of The Terrorist Acts Against Iraqi People Featured

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The first stage students of the Department of Architectural  Engineering at the University of Technology under the supervision of the of Student Activities unit gathered as an expression of  their condemnation against the terrorist attack in our beloved Baghdad, the attack affected innocent, hard-working people in Tayaran Square  leading to  martyrdom of  innocent lives of Iraqi people.

 During the congregation, Surat  Al-Fatiha was read for the blessing of martyrs souls and speed recovery of the wounded.The congregation held .with the presence of the head of the department Prof.

Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim, the scientific assistant Dr. Moufid Ihsan Shawk , the administrative assistants Dr.Mahdi Salehin  in addition to the academic professors and a number of the representatives of the stages, a representative of students from the department, and a student activity director in the department lecturer . Dr.Huda Mohammed.

The professors delivered a speech praising the students ’solidarity and their denunciation of this cowardly criminal aggression, stressing on the importance of students’ scientific path and their superiority in their scientific career to serve the great Iraq.








































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