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Mufeed Ehsan Shok

Urban Design/ Housing

Assistant professor

عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.


Mufeed Ehsan Shok is a faculty member at the University of Technology, Department of Architecture, for more than 8 years, he became an assistant professor in 2020. He received his master's degree in 2000, and his doctorate. In 2012 In urban and regional planning since then he is interested in studying and teaching urban planning, urban design, spatial organization and master plan analysis. Dr. Mufeed became a deputy of the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology from February 2020 until now, during that period he was a member of the University's Board of Associates, and an editor in the Iraqi Journal of Architecture. Dr. Mufeed has supervised several master theses. Thesis Published more than 8 research papers in local and international journals and conferences. Regarding professional experience, Dr. Mufeed was a supervisor of master's thesis for a number of students with titles : دور النمو الذكي في تنمية المدن عمرانيا/الاحياء السكنية حالة دراسية- التحسين الحضري- دور الحضرية الجديدة في تطوير ضواحي المدن /الاحياء السكنية انموذجا - مبادئ التصميم البيئي المستدام في اعادة تاهيل منطقة الاهوار- احياء الفضاء الحضري للجانب الايمن في مدينة الموصل - تنمية مستدامة وادارة حضرية- النظرية الحضرية للمدن التاريخية "


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PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, Baghdad University

M Sc. in urban and regional Planning/Baghdad University 2000

B Sc. In Architecture Engineering / Baghdad University 1996


The main research interest is urban planning Dr. Mufeed specialist with the carrying capacity of the city center in the thesis.

He is also interested in sustainable development, urban conservation, spatial organization, urban housing and housing standards, And analysis by GIS


1- Residential Activity System and Noise Level Case study:Residential zone in Erbil City - New Rasty Zone 2016

2- مفهوم المدن الذكية حلا لمشكلة التدهور البيئي والحضري2017

3- اثرتطبيق سياسة النمو الذكي في التنمية العمرانية للمدن

4- Optimal spatial distribution of fire stations Using geographic information systems Baghdad case study/2019

5- تقنيات التصنيع المسبق ودورها في تحقيق الكفاءة السكنية 2019

6- Design and planning the zone of housing in hot climates

7- Pollution of climate caused by oil companies near the city (case study) al Dora Oil Company.

8- The effect of changing the land use from residential use to the commercial use in Baghdad streets and its effect on consumption of energy.

9- Technical and economic –financial feasibility study to invest the land adjacent to Al Mansur hotel building.

10- The effect of changing the planning laws in the city of Erbil on the absorptive capacity of urban land uses in the central ِarea(the first scientific conference of hire studies in field of urban and regional planning)

11- (Holding Capacity of urban land uses between Theory and practice Analytical study of the center city of Erbil)

12- Working with the team of consultant bureau of university of Baghdad with the projects of designing (master plan) of three towns (city center design) ,(Duloaea,Talafer,Dujal ) The client was The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works


Architectural Design / fourth year

Building laws / fifth year

GIS / fourth year

Building construction / third year

Surveying science /first year

Urban environment analysis /M.Sc.

Urban sustainability /M.Sc.


Thanks and Appreciation Letter:

For his active contribution in the academic and professional fields of architecture, Dr. Mufeed Ehsan Shok has received many honors and certificates of thanks and appreciation from various universities and institutions in Iraq. Many of these letters of thanks and appreciation are for his influential contributions in strengthening the higher education system at the University of Technology and other Iraqi universities. Dr. Mufeed Ehsan Shok is also a member of many engineers' organizations, unions, committees and associations. He is a consulting engineer in the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate, and a member of the Kurdistan Engineers Syndicate. More details are provided in his professional resume.

He received letters of thanks from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and letters of thanks from the ministers and the Prime Minister