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Wahda shuker Mahmoud Al-Hinkawi

Architectural Engineering/Urban Design


عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.


Dr. Wahda Shuker Al-Hinkawi is a faculty member at the University of Technology, Department of Architectural Engineering, for more than 30 years, she became an assistant professor at 2008.

She received her master's degree in 1994, the Ph.D. is in urban design and spatial analysis, at 2005, since then she is interested in studying and teaching urban design, the spatial organization, and analysis of historical centers. 

Dr. Wahda became the head of the Department of Architectural Engineering at the University of Technology from May 2014 -May 2016, during that time she was a member of the University Board , editor in chief for the Iraqi journal for architectural engineering, a member of the committee of the "Deans of Engineering Collages in Iraqi Universities", a member of the Editorial Board of the Iraqi Journal of Architecture / 2010-2013, and a member of the consultant Board of the Journal of engineering and development/university of Mustansiriyah. 

She had the chance to participate in IREX programs in 2016. 

During her academic years Dr. Wahda became a member of many scientific committees, and the postgraduate committee, participate in many conferences in Iraq and many Arabic and European countries. 

Dr. Wahda supervised many M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis, published more than 40 papers in local and international journals and conferences. 

For the Professional Experience Dr. Wahda participate in the following:  

- The Iraqi Planning law, For the Ministry of Planning 2013, a member of committee / Iraqi Planning law 2014. 

- The Iraqi Building Code, "The Requirement of Spaces (201)", Chief Staff. Ministry of Housing, 2013 

- The Design of the master plan for the new city in Taji, The Iraqi Investment comity, 2012, 

- The design of the Iraqi Investment Comity complex buildings, 2011,  

- The development of the Land Use for the main Iraqi cities, / Urban Planning for the Ministry of Manipulating and Public Work 2008-2010 


• I am the Head of scientific committee, also member of post graduate committee. 

• My paper are published in local ,Arabic and international magazines, also published in local and Arabic conferences. I am supervisor of many M.Sc and Ph.D. thesis. 


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Ph.D./ Architecture engineering, Urban Design , 2005, University of Technology.

M.Sc. Architecture engineering/ urban design, 1994, University of Technology.

BS.c / Architectural Engineering/ 19782-1987, University of Technology


The main research interest is urban design, Dr. Wahda specialist in spatial analysis since 1993, when she depended the space syntax analysis in her master thesis.

She is also interested in sustainable development, historical cities centers, urban conservation.


  1. The effect of spatial organization properties on social interaction, 1994
  2. The relation between the city spatial organization and its function, 1997
  3. Multiplicity in architecture, 2000
  4. The privacy and isolation in housing environment, 2004
  5. The formal continuity in contemporary product, 2007
  6. The Transformation within the Urban Structure ; The effect of the special local part (architectural nodes), on the global transformation within the Urban structure Sulaimaniya city (case study  ,2008
  7. Formal Transformation in Urban Context; Analytical Study to the Formal Transformation in Urban Context By using the remote sensing, 2009
  8. The strategy of urban development of Citadel cities,2010
  9. The Effect of Media Projection on urban,2010
  10. The effect of architectural Staff in Activate the Technology of Digital Education in the Iraqi School of Architecture,2010
  11. The Role of Technology in Urban Fragmentation; Analytical Study for the Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Urban Fragmentation,2011
  12. Color Harmony in urban Environment,2011
  13. The designed housing projects as an alternative for the informal building and their impact in addressing the heterogeneity of the urban escape in the built residential,2012
  14. Urban Sustainability - (Sustainability urban projects in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and – case study)
  15. The Strategies of Smart Growth for The Major Urban Centers Local Experience (Iraqi)- case study.
  16. The Management of urban sprawl by the polices of smart growth
  17. The Effect of natural environment on Urban visual environment
  18. The impact of planning standard in the urban formation of the riverfronts in the cities". Old Rusafa Case Study, 2014
  19. Urban Addition in contemporary urban projects
  20. Visual Continuity of Traditional Vocabulary in contemporary urban Development Projects
  21. The impact of design standard in the urban formation of the riverfronts in the cities". Old Rusafa Case Study.
  22. The Urban Addition ; An Analytical Study of the Relation Between the Additive and the Origin in the Contemporary Urban Projects
  23. Aesthetic values of the future cities 2016
  24. The Historic Building as a Catalyst in Sustainable Urban Development
  25. The Impact of Contemporary Monument Buildings on their Urban Context - Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf - Case Study, 2016
  26. The Characteristics of Contemporary monument Buildings in the city
  27. The role ofConnectivity in the greenstructures Integration ofcities
  28. The Impact Of Planning Policies On The Cities’ Morphological Transformations City Of Kirkuk As A Case Study, 2017
  29. The Role Of Planning Urban Axes In The Sustainability Of Iraqi Cities Mosul-Case Study.
  30. The Role Of Accessibility In Promoting The Dimensions Of Urban Development Rasheed Street Case study.
  31. Resilience of the Residential Fabric.
  32. The Emergence Of Urban Joints In Cities.,2017
  33. The Role of infrastructure in Cities' sustainable development, 2018
  34. Space FitnessFor Functional Requirements: Rusafa Centre- Case Study
  35. Sustain the Spatial Characteristics of Historical MosquesCenter of Rusafa - case study
  36. The Urban Identity of Housing Complex.
  37. Adaptation of Open Spaces Infrastructure in the City Center.
  38. The Buffer zone in the Historical Cities’ Centers.
  39. Development Plan for the buffer zone of Cairo historical center
  40. Restoring the Local Heritage and its Role in Sustainable Spatial Development the Great Market in Al-Najaf – a Case Stud, 2019
  41. The Impact of Abandoned Buildings on the Quality of Urban-Scape, 2019
  42. Role Of Urban Malleability’s Mechanisms On Sustaining Cities.2020
  43. The Role Of Sustainable Development Approaches In Addressing Tension In Cities,2020
  44. Urban Acupuncture, a strategy for development: case study Al-Rusafa, Baghdad,2020
  45. The Effect Of Cities’ Shrinkage On Their Urban Fabric: A Case Study Of Garage Al Amana District In Baghdad, 2020


Architectural Design

Principle and Theory of Urban Design/ fourth year

Theory of Urban Design/M.Sc. and Ph.D

Spatial analysis/ Space Syntax

Analysis of urban Environment


The first price winner for The Design of the master plan for the new city in Taji, The Iraqi Investment comity, 2012, (Team Member)

The design of the Iraqi Investment Comity complex buildings, 2011, (Team Member)

Best Teacher / post-graduation (M.Sc.) urban design/ Dep. Of Architecture/University of Technology, 2014.

Certificate of Merit from Minister of planning, minister of Housing, Heads of the University of Technology, and other universities for participation in scientific conference, MS.c and Ph.D. exam committees